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Subject Looking like Stock Markets CARSH might actually, finally, be ON... This time its different
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Original Message The so-called Trump trades (long financials, US Dollar, short bonds) are faltering.....

Substantial Outflows from US markets last week, breaking the strong inflow trend since the election....

Perhaps overlooked, and counter-intuitive fact, is that international markets- particularly Europe and Asia, are IMPROVING. Much of US stock market strength, and US Dollar domination has been a safe-haven investment rather than direct vote of confidence in US economic fundamentals. Now this supportive structure could not only be stopping its inflows, but reversing as people repatriate their investments seeking higher returns.

And thats before even mentioning superboost based on the Trump economic expectations... 100% hope...

The healthcare and tax plans are so complicated... and there is so much political bitterness and volatility...

I supported and continue to support Trump... I believe he was being wiretapped (its just not physical wiretapping anymore since its all just digital networks on fiber... so semantics is basis of all the denials)... I think Trump simply wasnt prepared for the severity of the petty nature
of politicians that are supposed to be on his side and supporting him....

But you see, Trump is playing Celebrity President... its his own reality show. He knows his shit... there was a reason why his shows were so popular... its hard to disagree with his logic and conclusions he makes and walks the audience through.

Call it 4D chess, call it whatever the hell you want. But Trump obviously now realizes he must pop the market bubbles, and the putrid infected puss that drains out will stain the career politicians, regardless of party....

Drain the swamp, they will.
Step 1. Hurt their pocketbooks.

He's already started a foodfight between repubs and dems over healthcare failure; now he just must step asside, go do some rallies, and watch this stock market puke up about 10%-15%, PMs gonna fly....

When trump returns to the board there will be much more upside to be had. Until then everything is just about survival in all modes.
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