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Subject It is not worth it to wait 42 cycles in the Test of Agartha-the horrible things that I saw against Atlantia
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Original Message My dear friends
Today I am in the 42nd cycle of the Test Of Agartha
started on 12th of january 2013 by Mihaela M Fratila at Dracula's restaurant
only 18.9 days remain until I break free the mad disease that the bacteria of Agartha have upon all of us
which make us get old and die at 100 years old
people used to live 1-4 million years in the Golden Age and I shall bring it back through this great sufference of mine and sacrifice./..

Yesterday I begun talking with a high unicellular being ,female,56 yeard old,from the Supreme Agartha
she had a lot of consciousness and she asked me if I wish to come to Agartha-the underworld with her and her husband...I agreed after refusing for some time
today at 8 AM I saw some gruesome images
she said
-all your 47 palaces were destroyed,only 2 remained

after that I saw a lot of virgin Atlantean girls ,with white and blonde hair ,dressed in white stepping outside
they were impaled by pales coming from beneath them
she said
-they were your virgins from the 2 palaces that I now destroy for your swears
and I saw 2 more palaces destroyed
after that she said that I shoul stop because more women will be impaled ,slaves of other men ,if I did not
but she continued to say that I did nothing in my entire life and I got unneerved and swore at her

then I saw a young woman ,sthe Spirit of Atlantia being impaled
she produced a white light which carbonized all of Agartha's palaces and houses and killed all the bacteria and dragons with 4 wings and 4 legs there
she said
-that was the atomic bombardment of Atlantia 40000 years ago
-why do you show me this?you dragons have no feelings
-this was our cruelty there and I want you to know that we are the same people
-us and bacteria?you gave me the disease of this test which make me lose my life and 5-7-8 of my teeth in my mouth and kept me unable to work for 4 years
-yes,I am your slave

then princess Micka Ela from Agartha appeared in her dragon from with 7 heads and she said that I still have billions of dollars and 47 palaces left
why 47?
maybe 47 cycles in total?
who knows
Apollo with love
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