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Subject De-Hypnotising Techniques - how to make sure you are awake.
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Original Message It takes two to lie: one to tell it and one that wants to believe it.

The first step in de-hypnotism is to ask yourself what you believe and why. What do you want to believe? What are your assumptions and where did they come from? Are they based on personal experience and observation, or? Identify where your "truths" come from.

Here are a few things that break hypnotism:

1. Fasting

2. Pain

3. Critical thinking - see opening statement.

4. Prayer or thoughtful-awake observation

There are also things that are known to cause hypnotism:

1. Religious/political meetings at which one speaker is a central focus and is telling you what to believe

2. Materials that cause you to shut everything else out: pornography, fast moving movies, some music, MSM. (Ideas that are presented while you are narrowly focused make it through your critical thinking barrier and into your subconscious.)

3. Fear of dying or any other fixation. (Again, narrowing your focus.)

4. Childhood patterns re-instated (get in line, do what you're told, do your homework, etc. . .)

In summary, there is nothing like an occasional 48 hour fast and meditation in a rural place without a cell phone or internet. Take some time to stop and think about what is real.

One of the most persistent and pervasive messages is that there is no single reality. This is central to hypnotism - and is a huge tool in creating a hypnotic state. Without foundations, the mind has nothing to stand on.

It is important to trace your foundations back to their origins rather than accepting a "truth" that was given to you while you were "under." This is why going out in the wilderness and fasting while you find your core beliefs is so effective. In a time of turmoil you will be much stronger and less likely to fall apart.

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