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Subject This is an eerily predictive dream I had in 2017. MASSIVE wave in Atlantic, Island Collapse, powerful hurricane, triggers shtf scenario.
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Original Message In the past, I've had predictive dreams that were very detailed. I'm a believer that many here have an ability, and many people around the world for that "matter." There are always, understandably, naysayers on GLP or otherwise, yet these things come to pass. Most of my predictive dreams happened years ago leading up to the death of my dog, so only a couple were posted here. Most of my dreams aren't "spotty" or unclear in an event they are trying to tell me something. They are very real, or if allegorical, pretty damn accurate.

We are all connected to the same source of consciousness so the likelihood there are REAL prophetic gifts is more likely than not. Most of my dreams I blow off as nothing more than an active mind playing out influencing factors in a broken play, but some, i.e. the ones predicting product reveals (stupid, I know, but still predictions), disasters, deaths and major events, usually transpire.

In my dream last night, there was an earthquake on the northwest coast of Africa that occurred while a massive tropical storm was forming in the Atlantic. There was a big island that had land "sunsidence" (subsidence ? In the dream it was literally written as "sunsidence" lol) that triggered a tsunami, the aftermath of which was quickly seen in regions east of the "island" collapse, like Africa, UK, islands, etc. This wave was smaller on the east though, and was warned about to the countries of the west. The most remarkable thing in the eastern areas was newly exposed lands in the UK and north Africa/Europe area that were said to be ancient cities.

The map looked horrendous. Basically middle America was in red, down to Brazil, and up to Maine and beyond. This zone was the cataclysmic zone where entire coast lines were expected to be wiped out. The call was for any and everyone to head to their highest elevations. Florida, Georgia and the gulf looked absolutely fucked.

The scariest thing was the hurricane. As the tsunami blew through it during formation, the thing roared to a huge cat 5, larger in size than anything I've ever seen. I did not see the aftermath of the storm, but the wave created a brand new refugee situation in the western world and many, many people lose lives on coasts. Those who survived went to Appalachian mountains and Rockies. Even the plains were flooded and the Mississippi basin was stagnant, flooding surroundings.

It was really bad! I do recall the storm name was similar to the Guardians of the galaxy character "groot" and that was kinda funny to me, probably a silly dream manifestation. The wave took nearly a full day to hit and was half as tall as lady liberty! By this point, people were stuck in buildings and on mountain tops with no clean water or food. Millions died and millions more were likely to follow. It was an intense sadness, lands were literally breaking apart...

Take it for what it's worth. My doom dreams are usually more personal. This was just a weird one. A calamity...

Then I had a dream my RV was leaking through and getting destroyed.
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