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Subject Digital robbery. Why bitcoin likely crashed-- buyers beware of ethereum- dont buy or trade it-
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Original Message The main topic today is the recent push to install ethereums UN refugee program.

[link to www.coindesk.com]

So this program has 100,000 recipients. Given: "an undisclosed amount of coins".

That's important-

Just recently 'CoinDesk' holds a New York Conference May 22-24.

Coindesk is heavily promoting and influencing the market into buying ethereum-

Meanwhile masses of eth are trading with btc and ltc users and various cryptos alike.

Now here is my questions-

How is this not a one way street?!?
Designed to steal bitcoin holders money?!?


'eth is for eth'. They don't improve other cryptos technology, they clone it, and maintenance their own products. As competitors.

They are not rare nor 'finite'. There is virtually no cap, and their realistic 'value' is more realistic to 'doge'.

What I mean by that is that ethereums price is based on what coinbase decides to give its users. The amount people pay in and out is 'decided'. Not reflecting a limited supply as btc and ltc users have a 'market cap'. Of 21 or 84 million 'coins'. Eth is 'infinite'...

No inflation = 100% corporate prices... Its 100% synthetic-
As I understand it we crypto communities 'deflate' from a matter of 'supply and demand'.
**Taking on to replenish these users continual 'pull outs', takes users like your's and mine's 'deflation levels', away when they cash out' It's one sided and since they mass bought in instead of purchasing as they go, aren't other crypto users now being cheated?

Promotions, If they continue to botster and talk up eth to make gains before a pull out, there are over 100,000 of them working to 'live off a coin'... With an undisclosed amount of coins; these users have every intent of living off of them-

How does that effect deflation, when the basic concept is long term holding, yet this alternative construct heavily promotes 'pulling out'? Wth?!?

Since they 'live off the cap', they will only promote 'eth', with the intent of pulling our money off the network for food and life supplies-

So they bash down coins adding liw prices on sales floors steering the market their way then pullout. This is likely why all the crypto and btc markets recently crashed--

our coins aren't growing, or being promoted. We are being robbed blind in this relationship; are we not?
if that's true

I'd like to consider / propose a boycott on eth and trading if we are getting jipped. Its really no wonder the crash came right after this program and central banks added onto ethereum.

Call it ironic when currencies designed to conpete with the banks, are killed by the first wave of bankers that joined forces with them.-

I'd like some serious insight on this issue- It truly looks like we are getting robbed by this decision-

Anyone holding ethereum got cheated by coindesk, heavily in their scheme to 'inflate it'.

You wont be seeing your investments back if the currency is a life-line to thousands of non-paying free loaders.

(Bet that wasnt apart of the conference.)

Until cryptos stop trading with this scam coin. All cryptos are doomed.
Thats my take on it. (Until someone undoes this rationally.)

Doesn't seem to make since to me?

final thoughts:
Coindesk just cheated all crypto investors into a giveaway drive- Well knowing it in their intents-

Sell your ethereum for other alts and stop trading into it if you want to save the market!
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