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Subject My solution to handle extremism in Britain.
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Original Message The way I see it there is currently two separate societies in Britain the British and then Muslims.

I include Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists and every other religion you can think off as British because they've assimilated in to British society with no issues whatsoever.

Muslims however want the best of both and my name isn't Hovis.

They should adapt to our ways not the latter and learn its not religion before nation, you either Identify as British or as Muslim, it shouldn't be that way but they can't let go of some 1400 year old BS written by hand in a desert by a man and allow the rights and wishes of others to exist in an area of which their religion has come to.

However now we need to deal with the fact that our kids have been legitimised as targets, and then fan out and kill of the rest of the crap, be it sociological, economical etc...

The system needs changing policies need to be changed and people need to be held accountable, including the Imams who come out after, AFTER and attack and say well I had concerns I confronted he and he was banned from the mosque for extremist view, Ok yeah that's good but did you report him ?

I'm all for supporting Muslims but only the ones who make the effort within our society and help to protect our own, After all are they not British ?

If not fuck off to a nation where you can practice your religion where and how you like.

Kids are now Legitimate targets to Terrorists, they were intentionally targeted it wasn't a case of wrong place wrong time, they were targets.

If the muslim community were to work together within themselves and when they have concerns and report these guys they can all do it and even if they have to lynch or force the goon to the police station so the Security services are forced to take action then we can say fair play you're doing something because the moment I'm seeing nothing.

One or two Muslims in the community isn't the community

If we are all on the same page then we take it back to the politicians and hit them from all fronts so they do take action or lose office

The issue comes when if they don't work with us they will have to act upon the Ideology itself by banning it in Britain and exiling those who follow the faith.
And before anyone takes this a hate speech and assumes I'm ignorant, racist (although it's a religion and not a race) and a thug read below this.

The Kurds are taking a massive slap along with the Yazidi from Iraq, who if I might add are the only ones that have done major ground work against ISIS and were the first to fight against them, when the Iraqi army tucked in their dicks and ran.

I am also aware that the Kurds are going to be shit on Assad and Iraq as they always by the Turks.

I'm aware of the Sectarian violence, the sectarian violence after all has gone on for over 1400+ years because one believes the word came from Mohammed the other believe it was transmitted through the House of Mohammed.

I'm aware that there has been civil wars throughout history between muslims in Islamic countries Lebanon for example and Afghanistan after the Soviet Afghanistan war.

I'm aware that because of the geopolitical agendas of various western and nations and Russia for that matter, there is a cross over which fuels the sectarian issue in the middle east IE Sunni being the majority and Shia being the latter (I know there are more sects there) Iran represents the Majority of Shia and so does Iraq now as that influence has spread, Saudi represents Sunni.

Saudi being the main producer of Oil in OPEC and holding the highest proven oil reserves gets the backing of the US through petrodollar which came into effect in February 14th 1945 between Roosevelt and King AbdulAziz, resulted in the guaranteed support arming and funding to Saudi Arabia from the US in exchange for oil and for Oil to be traded in the US dollar.

Seeing as the Saudis were majority Sunni the notion spread and OPEC grew throughout the middle east.

Iran by proxy was the gateway to the Cacasus and alongside Afghanistan represented strategic value as being the ones that Sit on the soft underbelly of what was the USSR and now still key to Russia, it was natural that they would fall into the support umbrella of Moscow.

Iran more so post Islamic revolution.

Geopolitics and religion do not mix

But what needs to be heard and not ignored is the fact that if a muslim in Britain suspects another of extremism and doesn't spread the word throughout the community, and as a community they don't all report him/her to the authorities and don't force him to the police station then the community aren't doing all that they can to combat the threat.

The fact that there is a fear amongst the muslim community to act untied in the face of the threat says enough and it spoils it for those that do stand up and make an effort.

The mosque in Question had 16 men from there linked to ISIS one of whom was a migrant that stabbed and killed a police officer in the area.

If they can't act as a community and further Communicate with the non muslim Brittish community, then how do you expect acceptance ?

If they can get their act together and start doing more than together alongside the push for reforms of government and the security services the issue of extremism can be tackled effectively.

These kids were intentionally targeted.

If the community can't act together then the whole ideology covering entire sects should be removed from Britain.

The whole idea of trying to encourage the Muslim community to work with us, isn't from capitulation or love for the religion if you think that i urge you to read what I wrote again.

It's about them putting their money where their mouths are.
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