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Subject Forbidden Knowledge: Humanity was abducted in 1947 (in a fake simulation experiment)!
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Original Message The Matrix is like a Crypto Blockchain initially created inside someone's mind and then released into the Simulation Program.

By having access to the SIM. Program, i.e. having the private key(s) of a certain simulation, you can do whatever you want. You can pause it, make changes and resume; you can travel to any point back and forward. The best thing is that all people's memories will be rewritten (with exceptions especially those who are tied to a change) and wouldn't notice the massive changes that would happen (Mandela Effect).

The simulation used to be original until 1947 after WWII. It was created by extraterrestrial intelligence. The reason WWII was started by Britain is that Germany had access to the 'private Keys' of the Matrix. Britain literally stole it and created a whole new simulation within the original simulation in 1947, initiated by the imagination of a British agent and released into the SIM. program. The original simulation, however, was not destroyed and still exists. It's even the base of operations.

The reason as why Britain created the simulation in 1947 is to reset the world in the long run, using proxies and fronts so Britain would come back in the end as a friendly savior and a hero to save the world from the mess it has created, controlled and run (Remember the Satire news that emerged on MSM that the Queen offers to restore British rule over US right before Trump takes office? That was no satire!). In 1947 itself, the Roswell incident happened, then the creation of two proxies, CIA and Israel, not to mention the control of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to be used in the future within the agenda and that started in late 1940s.

Every decade after 1947 is created to be a discrete period with its own identity all until 1999. Since 1999, the time concept has been created as one blob of time, despite the simulations we have been 'abducted' through every now and then.

A hijacked Matrix and a simulation within a simulation by unsuspected party.

To be continued.
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