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Subject It is ok to be a feminine man or a masculine woman. We go back and forth in the energies throughout life. Doesnt mean you must swap your gender!
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Original Message Forcing children in early grade school to properly use gender pronouns is a joke. This shit has got to stop immediately. Forcing adults to properly use gender pronouns is one thing (which I am still hardcore against forcing anyone to do anything speech wise)... Forcing a 5 year old is another. Children speak and know the deeper truths. Thus this is going against deeper truths. You can tell when a child feels deeply that they did nothing wrong. This is one of those cases.

Now a days, having a transgender child has been pushed to become a freaking trend for parents... It has nothing to do with making children feel comfortable, but to make parents feel hip, and it absolutely disgusts me.

We naturally go back and forth in our lives between masculinity and femininity. It is universal. It is metaphysical. It is natural. When parents allow or even force their children into transgender-ism, it is actually making it harder for them to go through these transformations from masculinity to femininity as they get older. What happens if they cut off their penis, and they want it back later in life? How many times must they gender swap? It is like saying "ok choose now, AND forever hold your peace." That is what is sickening to me. They are asking these children to choose a gender, when they are already a gender!

It is ok to be a feminine man or a masculine woman! It does not mean that one must actually change genders. Especially at a young age. Let them go through childhood and then make these decisions when they are of a sound older mind!
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