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Subject The Naazcaals shall restart the History on this blue planet on 25th of september 2017
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Original Message My dear friends
The Naazcaals are humans with blue/violet skin
living on the plateau called Naazcaa(the one with animals and plants on it ,landing sites for UFOS) in Chile

they are non-corporeal in the 3+1 dimensional current continuum
they have ascended and live between Spirit and Light
in the 7+3 dimensional quantum continuum

there is no way for you to get there
execepy complete the Spiritual cycle between 6th and 26th of March 2018
that means me talking for 24 hours straight like Florin Piersic spiritual things to the whole planet
and being surrounded y concrete walls and guards and haeavy doors
to avoid people to put me into a straight jacket and to take me to a Mad House:)))

so you cannot do Ascension on a global basis
only on a personal level

I know a girl from there,she is called Laura Dani or Andrei Tataru in the 3d continuum
light ball,I am stronger than her
she believes herself to be Artemis
she told me that on 25th of september this year 2017

the Naazcaals shall go unto their flying saucers
travel to Giza plateau in Egypt
put the capstone o the pyramid like Jesus said
-but the capstone who was removed by the builders and thrown away shall be put anew on top of the pyramid..

well that is it
the flying saucer is triangular and a small pyramid and a capstone in nature
the energies shall descend on the great pyramid
all men shall lose their memory
Nibiru shall come on 16th of october 2017

they shall take human souls
Annunaki shall reproduce
we shall live hapily ever after into the Stone age

how do we prevent this?
we need to activate the Ramad Nilan pyramid in te Bucegi mountains until then
I need to sell my house
to get the money

I need to go to Sinaia and talk to the light beings
that is all my friends
I asked her
-why do you wish to clear theminds of all people?
-so that they shall not suffer
-but the society shall progress slower after the pole reversal and the water flooding
-some people shall remember it...you are a virus in 146d
-I am not a virus.I go to my Crystal fork very one million yugas or 4.732 trillion years

Apollo with love
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