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Subject Spider-Man: Homecoming 2017 Decoded! The Moon Is The Gatekeeper/Cerberus Of Earth's Dome!
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Original Message From this thread!(see 3rd post down for the mind blowing revelation!)
Thread: !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!! (Page 215)

I'm watching spiderman homecoming right now.

The vulture boss that grabbed peter parker was taking him to the moon(soul abducting symbolism) and then dropping him to earth in a lake wrapped in cocoon symbolizes reincarnation.
Identical scene is shown in dbz with the ginyu team.

Peter parker's spider suit(black goo venom suit) symbolizes our very human body.

And was just shown how the lunar boss has it packed with tons of abilities but has locked their access to us.
Similar to buying a gaming dvd that has content locked away to be sold later to you as a dlc.

-How'd you find me?
Did you put a tracker in my suit?
-I put everything in your suit.
Including this heater.

-There's a ton
of other subsystems in here...
- Hmm?
- but they're all disabled...
by the Training Wheels Protocol.
"Training Wheels Protocol"? Turn it off.
-I don't think that's a good idea.
They're blocked for a reason.

I have exposed this strategy to be like in matrix, everybody in matrix can move/be like agent smith from the get go but are used like npcs take care the dolls of the lunar boss where only he can use/unlock those abilities when he takes possession of those dolls/human bodies.

I'm at the end of spiderman homecoming and damn i hit the description on the spot when i called the lunar boss "vulture boss" as peter parker just called him "flying vulture guy" hahaha!

Identical flying vulture guys were shown in superman vs batman picking up/abducting the souls of those that just died in battle and were taking them to superman's territory who they were worshiping as god to be burned alive!

In this spiderman movie they showed the vulture lunar boss right in front of the moon giving away that our very moon is the vulture that feasts on the lifeforms that die on this planet/hunger games arena.

They showed also that the vulture lunar boss operates under the radar of the galactic police which further exposes that this arena/farm we live in is hidden=hades=krypton from the outside world.
Thread: Alien Covenant - Earth Is Hidden From The Universe! Proof And Evidence Earth Is Krypton=Hades!!!

-How many times have I told you
not to fire them out in the open?
- You said, move the merchandise.
- Under the radar.
Under the radar!(under the dome subliminal)
That's how we survive.
If you bring Damage Control or
the Avengers down here, we're through.

On peter's handheld hologram device they showed subliminally also our planet's dome.

There was symbolism also of our true form to be trapped and sleep in containers when peter parker jumped and hit the ceiling of his container and when he exited it instead of finding himself where he thought to be on earth he found himself in the most secured, advanced prison ever.(moon symbolism/gorgon head prison from undisputed 3)

Oh and by the way peter's black girlfriend looked like a tranny. I developed some skills in spotting them thanks to the mre youtube guy.

The giant invisible cloaked plane that stores all of lunar boss riches and stolen priceless goods symbolizes our very moon/space pirate ship and was shown to use also a small drone as a decoy/false hologram moon symbolism.

It's good to be aware of that if and when we ever get the means to destroy moons. I dont want like krillin in dbz when he was fighting reptilian piccolo to waste time and energy on false targets.

See at 1:10!

I wanna mention though something that will disappoint the mre youtube guy

These human bodies we wear since they are created/converted in the image of the tranny lunar boss/xerxes/lilith/procrustes etc means they are inherently neither a real man nor a real woman but a twisted satanic abomination.

30 years researcher raymond drake had called the male body a mutation from the female body. And when we examine the female/woman body we find a lot of male/man in it.

The clit according to my principal back in highscool it's a miniature penis, the womb entrance from my observation and everyone who've seen it looks like a penis head.
In short there's so much going on with these black goo bodies we wear that i would feel stupid to shame people that change their gender etc etc while being unaware of my own body and every human body that is inherently an abomination.

Ancient historians mention of humanity to have been genocided and replaced with a different race on this planet 7 times so far, and in the reptilian V tv series was shown the lunar scum to creating a new race again to replace us/these bodies with.

So trying to preserve or feel proud about something that has been bastardized 7 times going to 8 so far feels dumb from my perspective.
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