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Subject THIS IS HUGE: FBI Agent Robin Gritz would not put up with McCabe's narcissistic A-S and he ruined her stellar career, harassed & intimidate
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Original Message
Agent Robin Gritz

1. THIS IS HUGE: and leads directly to General Flynn.

The female agents were awesome and put up with a lot.

Agent Robin Gritz would not put up with McCabe's narcissistic A-S and he ruined her stellar career, harassed & intimidated her until she was penniless working at Macy's.

2. After she was the lead hostage rescue FBI agent for a decade. General Flynn called McCabe on the carpet as DIA and wrote Robin a letter of support.

Flynn was labeled as a hostile witness by the FBI for agreeing to testify on Robin's behalf. He did it anyway. That is a real man!

3. Once Trump won the first FBI Order Of business was to call a meeting with a select few where Deputy Director McCabe said “First we F Flynn then we F Trump.”

ANother SWAM MEMBER.....
and he hired her....

Maybe this was the letter she enclosed with her resume?!?
Maybe this was the letter she enclosed with her resume?!?


Mr. Robert Mueller
Office Of The Independent Counsel
Washington, DC

Dear Mr. Mueller:

I understand you are hiring an extensive team of investigators to make the case for collusion between the Donald Trump for President campaign and the Russian government, which undoubtedly happened as we all just know. Attached please find my resume and application for the job of Investigator to the Special Counsel.

I’d like to briefly outline what I can bring to the table and why I am so highly qualified for this job.

First, let me say I am very highly motivated, and, indeed, am literally salivating at the prospect of going after Trump, as I strongly supported Hillary Clinton for President –- having given over $16,000 to Democrats since 2008 –- and know she simply couldn’t have lost fairly because literally everyone in my circle of friends at the FBI voted for her.

Also, I am a highly experienced lawyer, having provided legal defense to the Clinton Foundation and also in a case involving access to Hillary’s private emails. In addition, I’ve provided legal advice to the Obama Administration, during my tenure as Obama’s deputy assistant attorney general.

You and I must know a lot of the same people. For example, I’m sure you’re acquainted with Ben Rhodes, who was Obama’s deputy national security advisor but who actually spent most of his time as a skilled political operative, constructing Obama’s “narrative.” Until very recently, I was literally Ben’s personal attorney, so of course I learned a lot from him about writing fiction, which will be useful to our legal team as we create our own narrative for what Trump did. (For example, it's easy to leak to the media that evidence is piling up by the day, even when no evidence whatsoever has been found.) In fact, when the House Intelligence Committee was investigating possible Russian interference, I was literally Ben’s liaison with them. So I know what I’m doing –- literally –- and am, above all, political. Ben’s letter of recommendation is attached. I have also attached letters from my respected colleagues at the FBI, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page (who say hi), and also from Andrew Weissmann. They know I have what it takes to get the job done!

I hope to join your investigative team as soon as possible and get to work unseating Donald Trump.

Thank you for your consideration,

Jeannie Rhee
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