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Subject Divine Masculinity/Divine Femininity, Christianity/Judaism - Their Relationship Explained
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Original Message The Yin-Yang symbol comes from Chinese philosophy, but the truths it conveys are known in other forms in Western philosophy. This post aims to explain this relationship.

Take a look at this symbolic depiction of the forces of Yin and Yang:

[link to upload.wikimedia.org (secure)]

The white half represents Yang, the active or male divine principle. This is the force that creates Order out of Chaos.

The black half represents Yin, the passive or female divine principle. This is the force that creates Chaos out of Order.

Both halves have a dot of the opposite color inside, representing a hidden duality inside the duality. More on this later.

Christianity is only consciously aware of the white half and the black dot inside it. The white half is here called the "Father" and the black dot is called the "Son". Since the dot has the color of Yin, it is actually passive. This is the reason Jesus (representing the energy of the Son) is so passive in his attitudes and actions - he is the Yin hidden in the Yang part of Divinity which Christianity worships (the Father). And the Father is the force behind all creation.

So Christianity worships the active principle (the masculine Creator God that creates Order out of Chaos), and follows the path of the passive principle on an individual level (following Jesus' serving and selfless example). That's the reason Christian values are of a passive and selfless nature, while the societies they build are highly structured and ordered.

There is a third part to the Christian trinity though - the Holy Spirit. This is actually represented in the Yin-Yang symbol by the curved line separating the white and black halves. Christianity does not explicitly acknowledge the black half as part of divinity, but it does acknowledge the border to it, since this is the frontier line of the creative process! In this way the Holy Spirit serves as a proxy for the divine feminine in Christian texts, but the concept still "dances around the issue", and the actual feminine nature of the danced around thing is never mentioned. Because Christianity represses divine femininity.

If we move on to Judaism, this religion is actually the exact opposite to Christianity! It worships the black half in principle, and follows the path of the white dot on an individual level. That's the reason J-wish values are active and self-centered, and the reason they are so fond of tearing down the structures the Christians built. Judaism represses masculine divinity and rejects the Order created by it entirely.

Now, it is a fact one half cannot exist without the other! Yin required Yang to function, and Yang requires Yin. They are as inseparable as the electric and magnetic forces - just two aspects of the same thing (electromagnetism).

This is the reason for the mysterious love/hate relationship between Judaism and Christianity. One one hand they're mortal enemies, since they worship opposite aspects of Deity. And on the other hand they're glued at the hip to each other to the point that we often talk of "Judeo-Christian civilization". Not without reason, as you will see.

The most enlightened path is to acknowledge the entire circle ("God") and worship all of Deity, not just its masculine or feminine aspects. But as long as you blind yourself to one half, you will create imbalance, and this imbalance will correct itself sooner or later. Call this "karma" if you will. Or just call it "cause and effect", it's the same thing.

So, Christians who worship the Light side will BUILD STRUCTURE, just as the Father God of Order they worship, and then they will sit passive in this structure and serve it selflessly. This is the CHRISTIAN IDEAL on which Western civilization is based. The entire idea is to create the perfect society, and then keep it like that forever. Order at last!

This stifling order then causes an imbalance that invites the worshipers of the Dark Mother God of Chaos to come in and tear down the structure (while serving and enriching themselves in the process, of course!).

Soon thereafter, a backlash happens when the Mother God worshipers of Chaos (J-ws) are expelled by the Father God worshipers of Order (Christians). The stage has now been reset.

And so the cycle repeats. This is represented in the Yin-Yang symbol by how the separating line is curved, so it gives the optical illusion of the halves forever chasing each other's tails.

As you can see, the wheels of history will keep turning, Christians will keep building structures and sacrificing themselves for the greater whole to maintain them, thinking they are thereby serving God.

But creation must be balanced with destruction, always! Energies go stale when they don't move, and the structure they build soon becomes suffocating for spirit. No-one wants to actually live in this "perfect society where everything is fixed in place! This then invites the "destroyers" to come in and do their work - clearing some room for new Creation later.

The only way this cycle can be broken, is if a new philosophy is born, a philosophy that balances the divine masculine and the divine feminine. A philosophy that values both creation and destruction equally, and takes RESPONSIBILITY for using both forces wisely.

It is possible for either a Christian or a J-w to EXPAND their philosophy into encompassing the whole. They need not abandon anything they already knew and love, they only need to integrate the opposite pole which they are currently rejecting.

Christians need to EMBRACE CHAOS and start playing with the fire of destruction to tear down that which has served its purpose.

J-ws need to EMBRACE ORDER and start experimenting with serving and protecting existing structures that still serve a purpose.

This eventual maturation of Judeo-Christianity into One is amusingly enough foretold in the Bible. The "Kingdom of God" will be established on Earth once J-ws have finally accepted Jesus. This means, once the forces of destruction and the forces of creation have made peace and become One. Once Judeo-Christians worship God, not just their favorite half of God.

(And this is true on a philosophical level BTW, even atheists have ideals, and can be sorted in these two camps for the most part. It's not just about religion, it's about the thinking of mankind, the ideals we base our civilization on.)

P.S. This forum refuses to show any post that uses the "J" word, that's why I don't spell it out.
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