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Subject I aM a TiMe traveleR frOm The Year 2040
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Original Message In the year 2040 we were finally capable to time travel via a new AI computer Holographic system that allows consciousness to travel to alternate realities and permits such consciousness to manifest a sore of physical body within this realms....Although the physical body reminds on that time the mind leaves the body and travels to the time and date it seeks...The problem is that once the person leaves its body, the mind can not return to its shell being that time lines, and the alternate realities change forever as the one interacts with time and other consciousness, splitting it into many alternative realities in time and space...Therefore to return to once point in time becomes impossible. Our bodies remind in a coma indefindly or until one of us can make it back one day......

So here I am, a time traveler like many before, that have come to visit your time....Being that reality is plastic and by the very act of telling you a future such event can be change, is posible that if I was to narrate the future to you and answer some questions that some events will not occurred, or if they occured they might not happen exactly as describe and in other circunstances such events will indeed occured exatly as said....

THe computer system or intelligent Artificial intelligence that operates within my future sometimes is able to access the billions of alternate realities that are created by my very intereaction with your worlds and is able to comunicate via my own consciousness on rare ocasions the events of different time lines.....or warn me of an incoming danger ....

When the election of the USA took place three time lines were observe one in which Hillary clinto became president in another one Jeb bush, and the last one Trump became president, under the 3 time lines the empire of the USA collapses, before it reaches 2030 each very similarly....this means that we are at the end of one stage of civilization and we are entering another one...

United States ends by many factors but one important one, it looses its world currency status.....China is able to maneuver itself into becoming the new world currency holder...and gains the economical power that such gain allows...The united states can no longer sustain its weight under the massive military expenditure it has and collapses ....Massive natural catastrophes occurred between now and 2030 major earthquakes in Mexico, Japan, and some in the USA....Water and lack of natural resources and food create tremendous pressures in nations around the world erupting in constant critical social unrest and violence....By 2030 A strange person appears that has all the answers and advocates world government and the people of earth accept him....and much more, now ask away...what would you like to know about the future...Remember some events may occur as said, others will not as I explain why....
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