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Subject Nuclear Armageddon: The Countdown
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Original Message Nuclear Armageddon: The Countdown

[link to www.ken-welch.com]

[excerpt. . .]

It is already known that the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan was planned long before 9-11. The made-for-television 9-11 extravaganza was actually used to prepare for the invasion of Iraq. When the U.S. finally did invade Iraq, many Americans who realized that the logic was wrong still consoled themselves with the idea that their government was actually moving to secure future supplies of oil for their benefit. Was there any benefit? No. Perhaps in the future? No. The U.S. government is not in the oil business. It doesn't pump, buy, sell or distribute petroleum products. Corporations do that. In Iraq today, after great sacrifice of lives and treasure, U.S. and other multinational corporations now have the opportunity to control and harvest that country's oil reserves. They will profit handsomely. You will not. You will, however, be asked to pay the bill.

The objective, which has been in the works for at least two decades, is to change the ownership of the entire non-allied Middle East, under the guise of religious warfare. After all, there must be some crazy reason why those Arab lunatics are so committed to "destroying our freedoms"! This map shows the objective:

[link to www.ken-welch.com]

As you can see, Iran is now pinned on both sides by Cartel-controlled forces, and is the remaining piece that needs to fall to create a solid block of Cartel-controlled territory from east to west. There is also the issue of immensely valuable pipelines that could route Russian oil all the way to the terminal at Haifa. In addition, if Syria is also destroyed or occupied, it would appear that our "Middle East problems" would reach a final solution.

You can also see that Iran is huge. The U.S. defense budget, after decades of corporate looting, simply cannot support enough troops and equipment to invade and occupy Iran in a conventional manner. Nuclear weapons must be used, and in sufficient quantity to completely destroy Iran's ability to resist invasion and occupation. The only barrier to this is the simple fact that the first country to use a nuke will be condemned by the whole world and ostracized forever. The obvious solution is to fake a nuclear attack, blame it on anyone you wish, and then use all the nukes you want.

Believe it or not, this has already been hard-coded into U.S. law, with Iran being the pre-designated target for nuclear devastation regardless of where the original nuke actually comes from! See this well written report at GlobalResearch.CA for the details. It could be a sneak attack by Albania, but Iran would still be destroyed. Clearly the current owners of Iranian oil reserves are the only target the U.S. is lusting to nuke.
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