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Subject Just had a thought about Qanon - could Q inadvertently be aiding in internet censorship?
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Original Message Know what's kind of interesting? All the extreme internet censorship didn't pick up this rapid pace until Q came around....telling everyone to do their own research using his very specific questions.

NOT saying Q is a double or single agent of any kind, just pointing out a temporal coincidence.

All these questions were asked by Q. On specific forums with javascript and other tracking softwares, which not only identify non proxy & non vpn visitors of the website, but their internet search history for past and future as well.

So not only are these tracking software companies able to identify who is 'woke' to the Q phenomena, but also trace who is finding the answers to the questions Q asked...and the most important part..they are able to identify WHERE that information was found, using which chains of URL links.

It's possible that Q could be playing a role in the rapidly increasing rate of internet censorship, whether unintentional or not, as his questions are leading internet overloads directly to the source of previously hidden information that the public wouldn't have found on a mass scale without direction from Q. Just think about what types of censorships started to increase after the Q phenomena began

Again, NOT saying Q is enemy of any kind. Nobody really knows what Q is or why, but we CAN say for sure that internet censorship on a mass scale has never been easier to accomplish

[link to www.nytimes.com (secure)]

[link to www.eff.org (secure)]

[link to www.wsws.org (secure)]
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