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Subject National Enquirer, Daily News, Daily Mail (UK), The Express.... all highly probable of fake news...
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Original Message So, we've heard heart felt cries of disavowing so called fake news. Google and Fakebook both try to steer users away from "fake news", for the benefit of the greater humanity.


Growing up, and seeing the National Enquirer at the checkout line, never once made me believe it was real.

That's right kids, it's called CRITICAL THINKING.

You see, I come from an intelligent family. I myself, well, let's just say that many (if not all) of you benefit from things I contributed to modern society due to my field of career. How is it that I wound up doing such things? Is it because of innate intelligence due to lineage and heritage?


It's because I questioned authority. Because I fucking thought for myself. Did then, still do today.

So, TPTB, if fake news is SO damned prevalent and threatens to corrupt our minds.... THEN FUCKING DO AWAY WITH ALL OF IT.

Stop the fucking cherry picking, and actually do it.

Pull the damned trigger.

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