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Subject SecureTeam10 - Angry Truthseeker
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Original Message This popular youtube channel that focuses on ufo and aliens (let's call him T) T has been caught up in a recent controversy concerning a stalker he said he had in a video posted (They don't want the truth out) [Now deleted, gee I wonder why]
In this video he states someone has been harassing him and his family, leaving him threating messages and apparently the stalker even knew the doctor that operated on T a while back,

IN this video, as he went into this Truthseekers youtube account, the verified check was visibly shown indicating it was his own account that he was in..

Same day, video taken down and not a peep of T for a good 4-5 days,

Doing damage control I presumed,

these fake ass people need to be called out for who they are, FAKE!... with the click bait titles and unnecessary fill in/timing to pass that 10:00 minute mark.

I used to follow this channel quite a bit, but after seeing what T was all about, and after this recent "incident" fuck this guy, for real.

This is the next video he posted after the deleted one,.. people are calling him out on this but he never gives an excuse or reason why he did such.

[link to m.youtube.com (secure)]
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