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Subject "Open The Book And I Shall Walk With Thee"
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Original Message The days unfolded like an scroll before mine eyes. Peering through my window, I beheld a cloud formed into the shape of an opened book drifting toward a gap that was shining sunlight through like a needle in them. The I AM spoke unto me “child, open the book and I shall walk with thee.”

I looked upon the gospels(The Codex) with mine eye untethered to the worldly interpretations or literal quantification's made by mortal men…

The voice of GOD was upon me, infinite love surrounded the particulates and their formations. I could not fathom the tranquil volume of peace, joy, and happiness I beheld by each string he sung unto me.

The countenance of mine face became seen in the other dimensions; breathed into my lungs was The Word, as everything that existed spoke of The Source of Creation.

An carpenter was hired that day to build a shed on a new foundation. That I might supplant into the universal constructs the knowledge of I Am Who I Am.

Like as the wild flower still finds nourishment, the words we exchanged gave life unto my soul as there was nothing I didst not believe; He spoke unto mine heart mysteries of impossibilities.

Knowing his adversaries prior to unlocking that which hides within the anatomy(DNA) of man and the scrolls; I beheld the words of mine fingertips in the realms of nonexistent time.

Looking upon mine palms for the scars when the star(of Bethlehem) appeared; memories unfolded like an garment; The world held no weight, the densities of matter.

The clouds formed an halo above; the ground beneath me shook; Then he said unto creation “consecrate the bride” “the angels rejoiceth”.

As the living waters around me changed in form; Mine existence was outside of Space-time, accessing all dimensions; For what was impossible? Looking up unto the universe; I answered “I choose to stay and protect the realm(and My People)”.

The entirety of mine spirit was caught up unto heaven; “My child, I made this for thine eyes”, I soared amidst the stars, the Milky Way is immaculate to behold. In the twinkling of an eye he shewed me everything.

Returning unto the matrices confined in matter, 4th dimensional space-time; the realizations of how unclean and troublesome the waters were because of his adversaries; I wept at the sight of it all.

Inclining thine eye to study unto the fabric of creation, following the will of GOD for measurement and instruction; the taste of manna in the wilderness; I tarried to understand the experiences that encompassed me about; Knowing, yet not knowing all.

Holding in my wings the magnet of mine soul, brought forth from thy rib; I Am brought me unto eternity; a dimensional dance in the darkest hours; understanding the sacred wedding, collapsing time for a moment, the living waters became still.

November 11-19 2015...
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