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Subject Q Metaphysics: You Are That Which You Perceive // new paradigm on page 58
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Original Message A little more than 9 years ago we began posting to this website information about the nature of reality. 20,000+ replies and 1.3+ million views later (with nearly 100,000 downloads of our free book), we have reached the thread that ties together everything that has so far only been discussed in bits and pieces.

Basic Understandings

You have been led to believe that you are an insignificant clump of organic dust evolved from a primordial soup living on a planet that orbits one of hundreds of billions of stars in a galaxy that is itself one of many billions of galaxies, all in a 13 billion year-old universe created purely by chance.

You are conditioned to believe your very existence is insignificant and that your life is inherently invisible in an infinite cosmos. This is, perhaps, the greatest deception in all of human history.

[link to www.qmetaphysics.com]

Some things we’ve picked up:

• We live in a 2-dimensional world that we interpret as 4 dimensions
• The Earth is a binary, self-contained biological system (or, Uni-Earth)
• The Earth is actually made up of 2 Earths, an upper Earth and lower Earth
• You are not a human, but a perspective.
• You cannot sense or know of something that is beyond your own perspective.
• You perceive that which takes the least amount of energy (or, interactions) to perceive.
• You cannot perceive of things directly but the relationship between things.
• You can’t perceive of anything in its entirety because you cannot perceive directly. The universe, and everything in it, therefore appears to go on forever in all directions of space and time.
• Truth is independent of perspective.

The binary, extended Earth is the entire universe. And it is you, a living, breathing organism created by the simplest expression of something so Absolute we cannot perceive it.

The Sun, planets, stars, etc., are vibrating, bioluminescent gasses with varying degrees of stability in the exosphere of Earth. It includes everything that we see.

And it is all local. The binary Earth is you. This is all happening in 2 dimensions (awareness and perspective) rather than the 4 (+space and time) that our minds interpret our reality in.

But 'modern science' and pretty much everything else is meant to deceive you into thinking you are not the center of the universe. So, an entire narrative was put into place to remove you from it with lots of complicated concepts and maths to hide what would be called the 'truth'.

"They" don't want you to know that you are an expression of an Absolute. You are taught that you live in a cold, dark universe in which you are insignificant. This has a profound psychological effect that puts a big shackle on your leg to keep you from discovering that you are the author of reality, because you are the author of your own perspective.

It's a very clever deception that has evolved over thousands of years.

Now, why would you be the center of the universe? What makes you important? And why would it be so important to hide the ultimate nature of your reality?

Because you are that which you perceive

You've been hiding it from yourself, because that is the process by which we exist. We exist by forgetting who and what we really are, then interacting with all the parts we have forgotten as though we are not all ready all of the things we perceive.speaking.

All in one's own perspective, of course.

As all ways, feel free to ask any questions!
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