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Subject He/him/his/he's/anomaly of pronouns major warning
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Original Message As far as I can tell, they have been scape goating everyone whose ever claimed to be "him" and doing horrible unspeakable things to them until they die, none have survived thus far other than legions that simple haven't run out of people completely yet

They do this even to their own side and their own chosen people should they claim to be "him" even their own do they do horrible things to until they die

Thus far there is only one survivor from this anomaly thing, and it really is dangerous, they will ruin your life unto your death for claiming to be him, even their own side, even in mocking and making fun of.

There should be a major warning about this whole anomaly thing

Even I think I got gangstalked just for posting about "him" potentially and I'm certain they won't stop until I'm dead or they run out of stalkers. which has happened but there's always more inevitably.

what do you think? has your life changed for the worse from involvement with this whole business?

As far as I can tell, and I know people will claim this but there really is only one survivor from this whole mess, everyone else is legions they keep around to deceive even their own side is deceived by it.

Imagine this was a game and the goal was Control over all that is, thats how big this is, and why they destroy all claiming to be "Him" because they are losing

And can't conceive of actually losing for good.

Thus they hate all involved in this "Meme" or Viral Advert even their own side who show any signs of it, even as they pay them they plot their destruction.

Only one survivor Just one

And NONE, NONE of you are Him, he won't post quite sure of it. and further every last one of you thinking you could be "him" under their thought control they'll probably destroy you for it, potentially even thinking it, thats how big the game is. Posting about this is death

Welcome to the Biggest Meat Grinder in Existence

The Pronoun Anomaly War.
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