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Subject Vostok Ice Core Samples PROVE there is Global Warming and IT'S NOT MANMADE
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Original Message It might be old news for many but it's worth repeating as a PSA - The Vostok Ice Core samples are the proof that Global Warming crowd is simply trying to profit from a naturally occurring event. The data shows that the Carbon Dioxide is a bi-product of the Earths natural warming cycle - not the cause.

The fact of the matter is, while the world is focused on anthropogenic global warming, warming induced by humans, what could potentially be a more serious and real matter is that of the coming ice age as the cycle suggests. 420,000 years of data has proven to us that we are not going to see a constant warming of the planet and that we are near the very end of a warming cycle -yet we seem stuck in the idea that we are about to cease our existence due to global warming. At this point, the data should speak for itself and completely nullify any belief that global warming is induced by humans, and that CO2 is the cause. We see very clearly that CO2 lags the temperature increases and has done so many times.

What is very important to take from this data is that the rise and fall of global temperatures and the rise and fall of CO2 emissions is a completely natural cycle that the planet has gone through on many occasions.

Adding a carbon tax does nothing except syphon more much needed resources out of the population and into the hands of government. This is not a solution but instead a manipulation of people based on false ideas. Instead, given climate is a real issue, we must think about how we will adjust key aspects of our society like food and water availability or viable living areas based on the natural cycle occurring. Instead, we approach it from an inaccurate, economic view that is putting all the onus on PEOPLE. We need to solve these issues intelligently and from a very real preparedness point of view. This is something we are not talking about as we simply blame humans for the cause in a political agenda.

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