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Subject Let's Discuss The ET Agenda
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Original Message Here's my take on it:

That the ET's are the ones holding up full-disclosure until the human races comply with a few global demands:

They insist that we fully unite as a planet with ONE government, ONE religion, NO national borders and -as much as possible- a blending of all the races into a single homogenous one that eliminates individual genetic traits - even genders.

YEP: I believe it is the ET's that are really behind the NWO and that's why we have a handful of elites that are steering the planet toward that end.

The ET's have already given them fun, advanced technology to play with amongst themselves like a Carrot on a stick; that tech [and the promise of much, much more] not only gives them a strong incentive to do the ET's bidding, but also keeps them well ahead of the rest of us as an increasingly controllable populace.

That's my basic theory.

What's yours?
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