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Subject Hartford Hospital trauma director "angered" after finding Sandy Hook children had survivable wounds
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Original Message A 2017 article quotes Hartford Hospital trauma director Lenworth Jacobs as being angered after he observed that children injured in the Sandy Hook shootings died unnecessarily from survivable wounds.

"Dr. Jacobs took it upon himself to review each of the autopsies, and what he found was that they each died from bleeding to death. Dr. Jacobs was angered and wanted to find a solution..."

[link to issuu.com (secure)]

You’ll recall Jacobs had actually been telephoned by the ME's office—most likely by Carver himself.

According to a new statement from Jacobs' colleague:

"My mentor who created this program [Stop the Bleed], Lenworth Jacobs, developed it because he saw that...those injuries, if treated appropriately at the scene, could have saved a few lives."
(Dr. Suresh Agarwal, Chief of Trauma, UW Hospital, Oct 2017)

1:08 here: [link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

And finally:

“When they analyzed [the victims], they realized that some of them had survivable injuries but had bled to death before they could be treated." (Dr. Jeffrey Kerby, director, UAB Division of Acute Care Surgery)

[link to www.uab.edu (secure)]

Contrast today's overdue frankness with the oft-cited 2013 bulletin from the American College of Surgeons, attributed to Carver and Jacobs: "Dr. Jacobs, the Chair of the State of Connecticut Committee on Trauma, who was deputized to participate in the review – revealed injuries in 26 victims that were immediately lethal."

[link to bulletin.facs.org]

Note the lawyerese: "revealed injuries in 26" implies injuries in all 26, without committing to it (two of these patients are in fact in the record as transported to the hospital breathing and with a pulse).

More important is the subtle choice of "immediately lethal" instead of "immediately fatal."

Iindications are clearer than ever that Connecticut state officials lied when they said no children injured at Sandy Hook could have been saved.

According to Dr. Wayne Billups (Anderson & Rush) "a lot of these children" could have lived.

[link to www.meridianstar.com (secure)]

"A lot" is a staggering word. Note again Jacob's attributed 2017 statement that each died from bleeding to death. Even if only a few could have survived--and it seems clear the number is greater than a few--we absolutely must know why children died who could have lived.* We must expose as false the claim that "It doesn't matter, because no one could have been saved." Finally, we must call out those officials who have worked to keep the fatal law enforcement mistakes of December 14, 2012 hidden from the public, and from the parents.

Jacobs just retired; maybe he's speaking more openly now?


*It's not enough to say they died "because EMTs didn't reach them in time." Given the unprecedented fatality rate, we must know exactly why EMTs didn't reach them in time. Children should be at least as worthy of study as gunshots, which were analyzed by an audio expert to the 1000th of a second. Where was the $6000 expert working to determine how each child could have been saved, or working to show that most died simply because there were only two ambulances present in the first hour of the response? Where, in fact, is ANY medical component of the CSP's Sandy Hook investigation?
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