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Subject According to Biology and Anthropology we are all one human race. Most of you use the word incorrectly, and not even close to what it means.
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Original Message I know I have posted this before but a good convo on another thread is leading me to do it again. I know most will simply respond and not read, but for those that want to, here is an article explaining how genetically we are all still one race. Not sub species or different races, but one race.

So many 1 star votes and they did not even read the article, so many half wits who do not care they are completely and utterly ignorant and wrong!!

The term race does not apply to mean the difference in skin tone that we can see. We are all human beings, Homo Sapien sapiens. Here is a decent article explaining what I have wasted my time typing and sourcing from my own textbooks at least a dozen times on here just to fall on deaf ears (maybe eyes is more appropriate for this, but you get the point)

"The Race Issue
There’s No Scientific Basis for Race—It's a Made-Up Label
It's been used to define and separate people for millennia. But the concept of race is not grounded in genetics.
The four letters of the genetic code —A, C, G, and T—are projected onto Ryan Lingarmillar, a Ugandan. DNA reveals what skin color obscures: We all have African ancestors.

12 Minute Read

By Elizabeth Kolbert
Photographs by Robin Hammond

This story is part of The Race Issue, a special issue of National Geographic that explores how race defines, separates, and unites us. Tell us your story with #IDefineMe.
In the first half of the 19th century, one of America’s most prominent scientists was a doctor named Samuel Morton. Morton lived in Philadelphia, and he collected skulls.
He wasn’t choosy about his suppliers. He accepted skulls scavenged from battlefields and snatched from catacombs. One of his most famous craniums belonged to an Irishman who’d been sent as a convict to Tasmania (and ultimately hanged for killing and eating other convicts). With each skull Morton performed the same procedure:..."

Link below to continue.

[link to www.nationalgeographic.com (secure)]

Race is not the proper term for most of the time it is actually said or written (typed). And these semantics do matter.

I know most will disagree or shrug off, but for those who care, here it is explained quite well but also kind of lengthy.

This is not a bait thread, just trying to teach people something that society has given us misinformation on for most of our lives. Different races do not even exist amongst humans. We are all one species with no sub species, and are all the same race...."
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