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Subject Human Cyborg Zombies Are Provably Real. They Are All Around You. And They Are Causing The Downfall Of Civilization.
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Original Message Basic gestalt (Alex Jones taught me this word, lol)

>You've got an entire generation of young people who literally have massive organic brain damage from too much screen time. This is according to all of the major research done on the topic. It's also common sense, but people don't listen to common sense anymore for reasons we will soon discuss.
>The part of their brain that is "damaged" is the cortex, which is prematurely thinned. The cortex is responsible for the processing of reality.
>So you have an entire generation of young people who have a biological, organic inability to process reality.
>These young people only know how to process reality through screens, texts, words, things they are told, things they are shown by TPTB. This is true on a biological, organic level.
>They're told "There are more than two genders". They're told "People who say there are two genders are evil bigots". They're told "White nationalism is bad". They're told "whites are bad". They're told "men are evil". They're told any insane thing, and they believe it. They're told "water is not wet" and they believe it. This is a result of the biological, organic damage that TPTB have inflicted upon them sense birth. And this was done intentionally
>The people who inflicted this deliberate brain damage upon your children demonstrably knew what they were doing. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, none of these people let their children have iPads or let them use their own products. One of the creators of Facebook openly admitted that he knew he was creating a "dopamine feedback loop" that would entrap people in an addiction when he designed the website.
>Plus chemicals in the water. Fluoride. Atrazine. Gay frogs. And realistically who even knows what the fuck is going on with our food.
>It's unpopular to say vaccines might be dangerous, but you know, could also be a source of things that are fucking us up, along with the entire pharmaceutical industry.
>Plus radiation from wi-fi, cellphones, 4g, 3g, anything else. We're told this is "all totally safe" but anyone with common sense knows this is BS. The health effects of 5G are so drastic they aren't even able to hide it though.

So basically there is nothing you can do now. They fundamentally altered the human race. This new generation is fundamentally altered. They are, in some ways, a different species. They're a transhumanist species of cyborg who grew with computers and smartphones as a crutch. As a result, their brains adapted to not being required to process reality on their own. They didn't need to open their eyes and look around in the world to learn how things were or what this all was about. They just Googled it and got the answer. As a result, their brains never developed the ability to examine the world around them in a rational way.

So it's done. I mean you've got a whole generation of these cyborg zombies. It's done. You have no hope. We're in the dead cat bounce of humanity. We are at the stage currently where the chicken is running around with its head cut off, cuz the body doesn't know it's dead yet. That's us. We are the body that doesn't know it's dead yet. Sorry. I at least can take some solace in the fact that I've been sounding the alarm my whole life. I knew shit was going down when I was a kid and I tried to tell people, but nobody ever wanted to listen.

Nobody ever wanted to face the problems, so the problems overtook the human race.

Some citations:
Screentime = Premature thinning of the cortex
[link to www.bostonglobe.com (secure)]
Facebook co-creator Sean Parker discusses social media's effect on humanity and how he and his team deliberately exploited dopamine feedback loops:
[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]
Gay frogs are real:
[link to news.berkeley.edu (secure)]
Soy milk causes a man to grow boobs (ultimate soyboy)
[link to www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov (secure)]
CDC admits there is "There is no scientific evidence that provides a definite answer" to whether using cellphones causes cancer. (Lol WTF, shouldn't the answer be "no" if we're supposed to believe they are safe?)
[link to www.cdc.gov (secure)]
5G - Not even gonna bother trying to provide a citation. It's such a hot issue there are thousands of articles and sources out there. Just remember there is a ton of lobbying and special interest-ing out there trying to convince you that the thing that is going to make big corporations billions of dollar is "totally safe", as usual.
RoundUp DOES cause cancer (For years and years and years this was considered a whacky, "fringe" conspiracy theory because special interests and lobbiests tried to tell us that the thing that makes big corporations billions of dollars is "totally safe", as usual:
[link to www.vox.com (secure)]
Fucking CNN - "Fluoride exposure in utero linked to lower IQ in kids, study says"
[link to www.cnn.com (secure)]
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