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Subject SUPER EASY Japanese technique will NOTICIBLY start dropping your anxiety/depression/nervous level in LESS THAN 60 seconds. Give it a quick test
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Original Message This self healing technique is from a Japanese healing tradition called Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Super easy to do, this process can be done standing, sitting, or laying down (my favorite).

Most people who try this process have an involuntary sigh or yawn in less than 60 seconds.

Ready to see if this really works??

1st STEP:

1) Open your mouth a little and relax the muscles around it; keep it slightly open through each of these steps.

2) With your RIGHT hand, press lightly on top of your head using your index, middle and ring fingers.

3) With your LEFT hand, lightly press the center of your forehead using your index, middle and ring fingers.

4) Put your attention on your finger tips and see if they can feel any pulsing. (Don't worry if you can't. That part isn't important for now.)

5) THIS IS THE MOMENT OF TRUTH: Relaxing with your hands and finger tips on your head and forehead, see how long it takes for a noticeable SIGH or YAWN to happen NATURALLY.

Did you try it? If not, try it now.

Most people have a sigh or yawn within the first minute or two.

If this is also your experience, then you’ve just proven to yourself that you can create a self induced physiological relaxation response whenever you want.

Why is this SO important? Because THE BODY IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE AT HEALING ITSELF WHEN IT'S RELAXED. When we yawn, the body is signaling that it’s wanting to and/or already moving in the direction of relaxation.

You can do this any time, any place, for any physical, mental or emotional challenges. Great also for daily health maintenance.

The above is the first of 7 steps of a Jin Shin Jyutsu self help technique called the: MAIN CENTRAL. I’ll post the other 6 in the next posts along with other tips and useful info.


PS: here’s a vid (not mine) showing the MAIN CENTRAL technique: [link to youtu.be (secure)]

PPS: Having a session with a trained Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner is something everyone should experience.

There are many practitioners in the US. To find one in your area, check out the Jin Shin Jyutsu website: [link to www.jsjinc.net (secure)]

All feedback appreciated.

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