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Subject IT IS BEGINNING TO HAPPEN! Democrat are in panicking. They have no choice but to TRY to impeach GEOTUS TRUMP now, BUT IT WILL BACKFIRE ON THEM
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Original Message FIRST OFF, I AM 120% GEOTUS TRUMP... Let's get that out of the way so you are not potentially misinterpreting words here.

Mueller is done. Thread: Mueller resigns!

CNN is already spinning it. [link to www.cnn.com (secure)]

Stick a fork in him. He will have a book out before 11/2020.

We will be the judge and jury on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

They will TRY to bring impeachment charges, for what, who knows. But there is where it will backfire.

The people on the fence about GEOTUS will think "Well, if he's not bad enough to be impeached, and he's been doing "fine", I'll vote for Trump."

Thread: LIBS LOSING THEIR SHIT! Trump told his supporters he'll possibly serve 5 presidential terms at last night’s rally

Thread: This one flew over all your heads... Trump WILL BE in office until 2024...

Now, a lot of GLP'ers miss the beauty of the breakdown in not deporting illegals, yet sending them to sanctuary cities.
Those libtards will quickly get fed up with the filth and crime, and turn on their own party, and may very well vote Trump once he says "I TOLD YOU SO" in his campaigns.
But there is one potential mistake if the illegals are not being told they MUST remain in these Sanctuary Cities.
Broward County, FL can use an influx of crime as well as that is a haven for liberalism.

Libs are 100% illegals, unless they are in their own neighborhoods. They have been proving this hypocrisy almost daily now.
Thread: Trump's Plan to Relocate Illegal Immigrants to Sanctuary Cities Causes CHER to do a 180 - NOW Wants Immigrants KEPT OUT of her Community
[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]

Also, THE DON knows if nothing is done about Hillary before the 2020 elections, some people may hold a grudge, but alas! There is genius behind that move as well, as RAGING LIBTARDS will start to call Trump out and how he did nothing to Hillary... They will try to use that as an example of GEOTUS not fulfilling promises. These dopes will be calling for the arrest of Hillary, and not even know it
Thread: Is The Clinton Foundation Under Investigation? (This one is worth your time) $400M to $2Billion to IRS

Now, if there is at least a publicly known investigation into Hillary, that will be enough for some, yet no enough for RAGING libs, as GEOTUS "Promised to lock her up". Once I start my campaign around June/July of 2020 chanting "BUT TRUMP SAID HILLARY WOULD BE LOCKED UP", I assure you I will have more than a few chanting the same.
(Again, IRL, I LOVE GEOTUS... But I have a knack for thinking outside the box in getting certain people to say stupid things... things I want them to say)

How can I be so sure Libs will be calling Trump out on Hillary?
Well, in real life, I am a TRUMP SUPPORTER, but sometimes, on the internet, I play a TRUMP HATER... Let's say I am a well respected Trump hater on two forums dedicated to libtards, and I have seeded ideas already that have come to fruition THREE times about AOC and giving her ideas that have backfired on her. Two regarding the Green New Deal before the public knew about it. Let's just say I had a hand in AOC saying planes needed to be banned. (I was trying to get her to ban professional sports as well since it is needless polluting flights. So much so, I worked out the carbon footprint of the NFL via game schedules and how much CO2 would be emitted.
(Her "banning flights" was edited into the original script...)

I cannot show you the actual proof of what I have done for two reasons...
1. Mods will see it, ban me, and delete the thread.
2. You, and they, will see the name I post under and it may all go to shit in doing so.

(If you want to see something I will tell you now, happen in the future, Pay attention to liberals saying Mueller was always covering for Trump and them mentioning 9/11... It's bait, they already lost the argument, because I created that argument)

The DNC has a cast of clowns that threw their names in the hat purely as a money grab via donations.

Oh, And remember,

goofy thum

MAGA 2020! wink
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