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Subject The same black tech that took down the OKC govt building, Twin Towers is the same thats being used to start fires in California...
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Original Message People need to wake up these directed energy weapons aka microwave laser munitions.

You cant see or smell microwaves or a laser...

We are being his with these weapons that also are being used to steer weather and create weather events...

This weapons also can trigger earthquakes and volcanoes....

This weapons leaves no fingerprints people need to wake up to the reality of it.

People are too stupid to even see this.

Its clear as day but I guess people want to stay sleep putting everyone in danger...

Look at okc that was no bomb it looks like someone cut that building.....

The towers were hit from above with these weapons from a planes, drones, or satellite.....

Like I said if you got hit with this weapon you would be cooked with microwaves just like the people who jumped out of twin towers...
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