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Subject All of these people who think that they're going to find anything at, or 'penetrate' Area-51, are sadly mistaken.
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Original Message Alright, so what is Area-51? and what Governmental entity controls it?

Area-51 is only one part of what's known as the 'Groom Lake' Operations. The Governmental entity that controls all of these operations falls under the jurisdiction of the Atomic Energy Commission.

Yes, I'll say it again, The Atomic Energy Commission.

There are many more sites around Groom Lake, than just Area-51, including a place called 'S4', all of which originally fell under the auspice of 'Project Redlight'.

All of these facilities are secure beyond your wildest imagination, and all of the important assets and infrastructure exist underground,=. Even the initial Entrance and protective fortifications are of the very highest security, which you won't find.

A Retina Scan, Fingerprint, and ID Card are needed just to get into the first security layer, and that's under the watchful eye of multiple Area-51 Security personnel, who are all EX-Military and were transitioned into that position based on certain attributes, like having no family or friends. No immediate ties to anyone, of any kind.

We know for a fact that Area-51 goes DEEP into the ground. Think of a Skyscraper, except it's underground. S4 and other sites were constructed this way as well. It's a heavily modified type of structure though, which has pathways from floor to floor, and allows certain vehicles to transport equipment around the facility.

You're not getting in, just wasting your time and putting on a show.
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