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Subject Toss out "the grid" - it's time for mass consciousness ouija experiment.
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Original Message Hehe - ANYTHING that will stop this fire the grid shit ...

I think this article's caution is aimed at GLPers - but that has never stopped you before.

From Rense:

Ouija Warning
A Serious Word of Caution to Those Who Would
Conduct an Experiment with Mass
Consciousness and the Ouija Board
From Brad, Sherry and Jeff, and a group of the
world's top paranormal researchers.

A Serious Word of Caution to Those Who Would Conduct an Experiment with Mass Consciousness and the Ouija Board

In spite of warnings, cautions, and protests against such a project, we have learned that within the next couple weeks a national radio program plans to broadcast an experiment with mass consciousness and the Ouija Board. Those conducting the experiment hope to " make a bit of paranormal history!"

There will be those of us who will be praying that it is not a history of paranormal close encounters of the most spiritually damaging kind.

Those in charge of the experiment may feel that they have the ability to remain aloof from any negative energies, but who is going to be shepherding all the vulnerable, the gullible, and the sensitive individuals who will sit at their Boards attempting to contact spirits on that night?

What about the highly suggestible, the highly imaginative, the paranoid who sit out there in the darkness listening to a guide to spirit contact on their radios?

Who will be standing by to assist those who were psychologically, spiritually, mentally unprepared to attempt such an experiment?

Regardless of how carefully the experimenters may issue warnings and guidelines of proper procedure, how many teenagers are going to respect those rules or repeat them before using the Board at their next slumber party?

Sherry and I have both counseled hundreds of individuals who approached the Board as a game, an adventure, a spooky experience--even as a joke--and suffered unfortunate psychological/spiritual consequences.

I have been appearing on the Jeff Rense Program for twelve years, and in each program we have always taken time to caution listeners about the Dark Side of the paranormal. Most often, we have warned against ill-advised adventures with the Ouija Board.

Now we understand that the Board itself doesn't house spirits or demons. We recognize that experienced individuals who practice discernment and discipline and who follow the proper spiritual precautions may cautiously employ the talking board in their research. However, we also know that many earnest and sincere seekers have learned too late how easily the Tricksters and Deceivers can appear as Angels of Light or as Master Teachers.

We are not alone in our concern about this mass experiment conducted over the airwaves. Here are some comments from a group of paranormal researchers whom we surveyed:

I suspect that a large percentage of listeners will be vulnerable and gullible. I suspect that this experiment will have a huge negative effect, real or imagined. [This program] has done many things I have thought were dangerous to the 'unbalanced' among those who listen to the show, but this takes the cake. --X.X.X., sociologist

All cases where we have been contacted about problems with nasty spirits were a result of using the Ouija board. While the board may not be harmful for some, it just takes one time to open the portals to allow low level spirits into one's home. We are totally against it, not from a religious standpoint, but from a practical level--it just invites trouble. We believe the living have no power over the dead, so once these low level spirits enter a home, there is no way to banish them. Every time exorcism is done, the spirits become more angry and still remain in the home, but now they have become more malicious. --X.X., paranormal researcher.

This is not smart at all. It is best to not listen to the program. Good people have tried to warn [against the experiment]. I once saw a patient who used the board with her husband and the contact was clear and concise. The party on the other side said they had been stuck in limbo for 200 years and now they could exchange energies with those who were working the board. Asked who that would be who would trade lives with the ones stuck in other dimensions, the party in limbo said "why YOU, of course." With that the patient and hubby burned the board and that was that. One should not parachute into lion country wearing a loin cloth. -- X.X., doctor, paranormal researcher

Applause for your reasoned reaction to the ouija board "experiment"! The up-coming gig is a desperate, self-evident attempt at stimulating interest in a jaded audience. What else could the producers hope to achieve by such foolishness? They obviously either do not know or care about the obvious implications. --X.X., author

Indeed, who is providing the triage for the borderline personalities that go sleepless in Seattle to Sioux City ... not to mention the potential for opening a portal for beings that go bump in the night that can't be readily closed? When we are dealing with millions of listeners, I shudder at the consequences; as with drug experiments, "set and setting" is the "X" factor that has to be managed and monitored closely. For example, a worst case scenario would be if a traumatic world event -- natural disaster -- happened to coincide with this "psychic surgery," and we lost power, then how would they bring post-op closure and comfort to the afflicted? To not do so is a form of malpractice and abuse of the airwaves! --X.X.X., psychologist, author

I have written about our youthful use of a Ouija board, and included a photo that clearly shows us using the board, with a demonic face peering in at us through the window! When a group of us were quietly and intently watching The Exorcist at its scariest moment a Ouija board jumped off a high living room shelf, and smashed itself to the floor! [Those conducting this experiment] need to grow up and get some serious paranormal sensitivity. They are NOT protecting their vulnerable audience. --X.X., psychic sensitive, author, radio/television personality

The board is not the problem, the problem is the host of malevolent sprits waiting for gullible people to open doors that they do not understand. One must always be cautious doing so...the problem is those ignorant of the dangers and who may not recognize spirits for what they truly are (Satan's minions often appear as beings of light to mislead people, and such people do not recognize this until it is too late). I have cautioned [the host of the radio program]. As yourself and Sherry, I'm hoping "paranormal history" is not going to be made on a disastrous footnote. Add myself to the list of those who are going to be saying prayers the night of this experiment. Hopefully, the Creator will not allow anything serious to happen, but I still think nothing good will happen from this. --X.X.X., artist, paranormal researcher

It's not the board, it's the user. BUT the board and the word "ouija" have a tremendous amount of "fear consciousness" around them because of the stories and taboos that have arisen though history, and many "undesirables" have linked themselves to that. We will be alert and ready as the "psychic paramedics" if we are needed. --X.X.X., psychic sensitive

As regards my personal experience with the Ouija board and what I have seen as a result of its use, I would highly recommend against this adventure. --X.X., physicist and paranormal researcher

While some may argue that the Ouija Board can do no harm sitting on a closet shelf, we are concerned about what it can unleash from the closet of the unconsciousness or what it can activate from the shadows hovering around the psyche from the other dimensions. A so-called harmless instrument can, indeed, be harmful to the indiscriminate and unprepared participant in this most ancient ritual of spirit contact.
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