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Subject The Vision of Exposed Circuits
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Original Message Following on from the article 'Grand Irrationality - Firing the Grid' I have now had time to integrate my own experience and am sharing as I promised to do.


On the 17.7.2007 I was woken at early dawn and shown two visions. The first was the picture of the minor arcane Queen of Swords, and then the World card from the major arcane. Then I found myself walking down the middle of the road with fields either side. Both sides of the road there were big trenches either side, these trenches continued for as far as the eye could see, over hills and valleys. In the trenches, shining gold was pouring out, it was all powerful. The earth was open like a wound when the skin is broken and you can see inside.

As I was looking at the trenches I suddenly remembered that today was the day of ‘firing the grid’, and I thought oh no, what have they done?

The earth had been opened up like taking the safe protection off of electric wires. The raw electricity was like gas; escaping uncontrolled. Also the electricity had no safe covering from the earth so it was bleeding out of the earth. Then when the vision stopped, I felt sadness that natural resources were being used indiscriminately, just like people removing crystals from the earth that are placed their for good purpose.

I sat with this vision for the rest of the day and heard the words ‘exposed circuits’. These words could have many meanings. However, the function of the earth is to prevent wiring overloads that can create fires and explosions.

After the experience of the vision, I looked to see if there was anyone else that had been given the same advice about not ‘firing the grid’. I discovered that Engtovo Bhodsvatan sent out his message called ‘Don’t Fire the Grid’ exactly the same day that yours truly was compelled to send out a dispatch called the ‘Grand Irrationality – Firing the Grid’. 12th July 2007. Engtovo’s message can be found here.
[link to www.godlikeproductions.com] < [link to www.godlikeproductions.com]

As you are probably aware in the original article we mentioned the importance of sacred gematria and the mathmatics of the cosmos. So it made sense to look at the gematria of the date that Engtovo and I had linked in with. The result was wonderful confirmation because, 12th July 2007 = 379 = Father of PEACE. So it is very clear that God was behind the warnings. Thank you to Bill Hendrick’s website for enlightening us.

This intrigued my curiosity even more, it occurred to me that we had not looked at the gematria for the words ‘Firing the Grid’, in English gematria = 909 = Gannet which can have too meanings, one that can eat too much e.g. glutton. It is also the name of a bird that is also known as a boobie…

Make of that what you will…..

In recent days the message is becoming louder and clearer.

1. If you wish to help raise the vibration of the planet then focus on practical application.

a. Feed and clothe the poor

b. Help the sick to understand what it means and assist them to

heal the self.

c. Help single parents and their children.

d. Help all those that are in need of spiritual sustenance.

e. Practical deeds that raises the hope of people.

f. Assist charities and those that are helping those in need.

2. Refrain from overloading circuits by multiple people focussing on a single energetic outlet, otherwise you get a lot more than you have bargained for.

3. Refrain from working on energy circuits unless you are qualified to work safely in hazardous zones.

4. Refrain from walking blindly into the energetics of the cosmos of which the law of correspondence is a part.

The human body is like a car with a sophisticated electronic circuit that is covered for good purpose. The human body is a receptacle like a cup that receives the energy, the energy passes through it but what you do with this energy and how you use it is crucial to the health and well-being of planet and people. There are universal laws on this planet that if transgressed create adverse repercussions for human beings and the planet. Since the ‘firing of the grid’ event some terrible and tragic things have happened on the planet. So firing the grid either assisted global events or had no impact on improving them. At the very least access your conscience and start a debate about controlling energy with your free will versus trusting the universe to provide all that is required before we even ask.

Please listen to the words that are being inspired by the Father of Peace.

In integrity

Lotus Feet
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