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Subject Why are they lying? The deadly truth behind the geomagnetic reversal
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Original Message So, most of you know by now that Earth's protection against harmful radiation is getting weaker, as our magnetic field diminishes. What would be really interesting is if someone could get their hands on independently measured data of the magnetic field strength, and then we could compare them to official data. The modern publicly available data I can find, range from late 1990s to 2019. Some media report it having decreased by 10-20%. Some say it's now at a rate of 5% weaker every decade. One talks about it being 3.5% weakened in some latitudes, while strengthened by 2% in other areas since the 1990s. In 2003 NASA claimed it had weakened by 10% since the 1800s. If you combine all data, the higher 20% seems to be the likely formally measured decrease as of the end of 2019, because official authorities and most media have visibly done their part to downplay the danger we're in. The weakening magnetic field and the excursion or reversal are evidently now both exponential phenomena. Many scientists call them "unpredictable" and say they don't really know what the consequences will be, contradicting themselves. What should we expect?

None of this really makes sense. It's as if effort has been taken to make it as hard as possible to find the true facts, since most sources contradict each other. There is clearly incongruity between what is happening and what is reported. Sources say that the magnetic field is weakening 10 times faster compared to some earlier time, but how can they make that calculation now amidst this chaos of contradictions, when the movement of the magnetic pole excursion/reversal has been exponential since the early 1900s? By logic, the weakening of the magnetic field must then be exponential too. I have also found news claiming that the sun's magnetic field is ten times stronger than previously thought. That doesn't sound correct when the planet is so affected by what happens with the sun. Why can our magnetic field diminish and radiation levels go up (like cancerous UVB and UVC rays), if the sun's magnetic field is so strong? And shouldn't the sun's heliosphere also hinder some of this? Isn't there some symbiotic coherence to it?

If anyone has answers, new data or speculations, you're welcome to post in this thread.
I suck at research, but below follows the sources that I've found for now.

Please post yours if you've got anything interesting.

[link to www.zerohedge.com (secure)]

[link to www.poleshiftnews.com]

[link to www.scientificamerican.com (secure)]

[link to phys.org (secure)]

[link to www.livescience.com (secure)]

[link to planet-earth-2017.com (secure)]

[link to www.sciencealert.com (secure)]

[link to www.newsweek.com (secure)]

[link to www.todayifoundout.com]

[link to www.ndtv.com (secure)]

A paper on the consequences of the last magnetic excursion:

[link to agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com (secure)]

Additional papers linking extinctions and excursions/reversals:

[link to www.sciencedirect.com (secure)]

[link to www.cnr.it (secure)]
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