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Subject Rosh Hashanah 2019: Start of the End Times (September 30 2019)
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Original Message I give you here the bullet points.

- I am Eric Julien from France. I am a contactee since decades. I work and live since years with Eve Marchal, another contactee. I brought to the public, thanks to ET contacts chronologically in 2002, 2003, 2006 and the years beyond, 'The Science of Extraterrestrials', scientific solution of the mysteries in science, including ET/UFO phenomena, 'Do You Wish That We Show Up?', an ET World Referendum with a 10 years validity, the 'May 25 2006 Conditonnal Tsunami Alert', a warning to stop a nuclear simulation test called 'Divine Strake' in USA aiming at striking the Iranian nuclear bunkers, and the 'Orleans UFO & End Times: Queen Elizabeth II's Briefing on the Bible Prophecies' video, a two hours video unveiling the real meaning of the Bible prophecies, and their calendar.

- Each of those works had large, successful, effective and eventful echoes, and brought new major inputs for the progress or safety of humanity. The last one is still to come.

- The Bible prophecies, fulfilled until now and totally unexpected by all the scholars in the world, are centered around three main aspects: British monarchy, nuclear weapons and aliens, good and bad.

- the end times calendar starts in late September 2019.

- This calendar, from late September 2019, is divided in four periods of approximately 7 years long each: Two Witnesses' ministry (3.5 years) + antichrist's reign (3.5 years), Rapture Season for the Great Multitude (7 years), Natural Catastrophes (4 first plagues: 7 years), Alien Attacks (3 woes: 7 years).

- This program is followed by another four times 7 years approximately (around 30 years) to built the New Jerusalem, a region in the Middle East, where the chosen ones will live for 1,000 years when this 'City of God' will be finished around 2078.

- William & Kate will be the Two Witnesses. Prince George will be Christ returned. His siblings, Charlotte and Louis, will be two angels.

- Eve and myself will be Kate and William after what I call a 'souls switch' in heaven prophesied in the Bible prophecies. This procedure will occur next week-end (Sept 28/29 2019).

- September 30 2019 is Tishri 1 in the Jewish calendar, aka Rosh Hashanah, the Hebrew New Year Day, start of the Two Witnesses' effective ministry.

- This ministry will be centered around two goals: ban of the nuclear weapons destroying the space-time fabric of the dead and the angels (hence a covenant for 7 years) and the rescue of the chosen ones.

- This ministry is divided in four increasing fractal periods corresponding to the four horsemen: return of Christ, war in heaven, rapture of the 144,000 elect and WW3.

- WW3 will go on with the antichrist's reign. This means that it will come in Spring 2021 until around Fall 2026.

- During all the end times steps there will be increasing extraterrestrials interventions. In late 2019, the war in heaven will start to erase from space / heaven the presence of malevolent aliens (Satan's army) to allow the rapture of the 144,000, then the Great Multitude.

- From Spring 2022, all the evil aliens will live on earth in existing human bodies and will make believe that all the aliens, implicitly those who defeated them in heaven, aka the angels of God, are evil. This is called the 'Great Deception'.

- So, at your personal level, you must have faith and be obedient to God's Commandments, that is to say TRUST God's Plan (watch the video to better see it) and BE HUMBLE. Humility will make you loving, caring and a good person.

- Except if you are one of the 144,000 elect saved before the antichrist's reign during which he (future Prince Harry) will use nuclear weapons, including on Jerusalem, breaking the 7 years William's covenant at the middle of it (when killing the Two Witnesses), you will need to escape to the 'hills', that is the mountains, to avoid to be killed in the nuclear explosions which also destroy the souls, that is the Second Death (the first death being those of the physical body).

- Given that the mark of the SECOND beast, linked to the antichrist, is the credit card and the love of money, you will need to make every necessary step to become self-sufficient without it. The best way could be the formation of like-minded communities helping and protecting each one of their members with the right mindset of love and compassion.

- When the 7 years long rapture season has come - 2026/2033 - the chosen ones will receive, from angels of God, aka the benevolent ETs on Christ's order, a clear telepathic message to gather them at specific locations and times in order to escape the 7 plagues period (2034/2048) which will dramatically reduce the world population.

- Those preventing this evacuation operation to take place will also be taken but to end in a space prison to later be destroyed.

- The church of Christ, which has never existed until now, will be only formed by those having faith in him and his prophecies as per the Plan showed in the video. Everyone in the world, from ANY religion or belief system, could be chosen as long as one has faith in him and his Plan and remains humble (be obedient to God's Commandments), that is truly repentant.

Fell free to ask questions that I could reply to, given that, now, the time is short before we leave and are changed.
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