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Subject You lost the NSA today -audio failing, mocking and denial of it while they do it
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Original Message Zakks anti masonic anti secret service anti aliens log ›
Today , the island bar showed everyone why they kill the freemasons and CIA and NSA and 'sing to them' and tell them its not real
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me ([email protected] change)

12:46 PM (less than a minute ago)

an d on the way to the library , the face touching, signs, laughing , mocking and jim hilton and corey feldman mind control showed everyone why they kill them as well.

now at the library you can see about 40 people receiving what im saying and denying anything is going on and doing that masonic acting shit.

... anyway, at the island bar, 3 males (on tape, jimmy has video of all of this) showed everyone why they kill the NSA, natrional security agency, literally, death by tracked audio and death by tracked movement...

the audio has become so bad now that , they will sing insults to you, mock you, re3spond with audio to the mk ultra and deny anything is going on, now to the point of audio failing on tape and saying its not real. You can hear them mock, laugh, deny an d then audio fail ... all in a line like that while laughing and saying nothing is going on.

the mk ultra, on tape made me say aloud to them thats why they kill the NSA, and you could see them sit threre and respond with some kind of blank respond that looks fucked up, because if you play the video of them, the security video, you cant not see and hear the audio failing and then hear them say its not real right after they do it and then they start laughing and .... having a good ole time.

50 buck you , from the mk ultra live...

you have non humans on tape audio failing, at the island bar and planet fitness and everyone knows it, from the military to the fbi to the cia to homeland security, but remember at all costs its not real and nothing is going on, which , is why im going to point it out, joke it, mock you and them to your faces and tell you you are delusional and its not real.

because im not sick, gay, homo, or a child molester or much else... but you/they are and you are living the lie.

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