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Subject And the marionettes keep playing the game of duality
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Original Message They will keep pushing for civil wars worldwide. The Reptilian hybrid illuminati cabal. Everywhere now everyone is divided into left vs right. It is by design. Those that are ready to overcome duality will be leaving. The rest can stay on this putrid planet and enjoy the hell they have created.

I can guarantee you everyone I have talked to hates the liberals and especially Trudeau. This is all being pushed through to incite hate between all sets of people. A war over the mind of people.

Next year, when the US elections are up, you will see they will push the divisiveness even more.

This is the mind of kaos manifesting. The system as it is draining maximal amounts of energy from the players as it is in it's death throes. Too many have woken up and it is trying to reinstate order.

DO NOT give the archontic AI thoughtforms any of your energy. Pull back from the game and let it whither away. This is not our game...this is the game of shadows.

It is time to free every being from the game...the Christ light will give amnesty to every being that is genuine and will work again towards the source. Once the genuine beings have accepted...the rest will be erased. This error will not go on continuing much longer. It will implode.
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