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Subject Up-date Pg. 9: Health Warning as KP-Index 11-02-19 stays ZERO for 30 hours--Strokes/Heart Attack/Emotional UpTicks. Video
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Original Message EDITED 12-03-2019

Good video to catch for today 12-03-2019 from S.O.'s Ben D.!

[link to youtu.be (secure)]
6 Minute duration

Ben says he sent out a "COSMIC RAY ALERT" FOR TODAY
on his groups phone App...also has some good graphics
you may enjoy!

Watch out for this one you "energy sensitives." I have
the "energy flu" tonight...(not a virus--its from our
spaceweather!) 3 quakes in Lincoln, MT over 3 pt. today.
Lots going on!

EDITED 11-25-2019

UPDATE on page 9 with a jaw-dropping correlation
between "unusual gamma ray burst swarms"/GRB "EVENT"
in August 2017 and the massive health crisis suffered
that week by my favorite archeologist/historian Graham Hancock. This can NOT be a random "coincidence" and folks
--like Graham--who are "energy sensitives" need to be on
the same page NOW with such pioneers in energy warning
cycles as Ben Davidson (of Suspicious Observers.) I am
really "shook-up" on this LINK and I hope you'll check it

EDITED: 11-03-2019
Since posting this thread on a HEALTH WARNING from S.O.
I believe we have now CROSSED THE 30 HOUR MARK (for a
continued KP Index at ZERO.)

This means our magnetic shields are extremely weak and that human/animal exposure
to the various cosmic rays and "exotic energies" are reaching
ground level.

We can take precautions (if we are "clued-in" on the latest research
concerning cosmic-ray exposure during FLAT LINED KP INDEX)...to adjust
some of our anticipated "activities." My first example is personal,
though--a tumble down a steep flight of stairs qualifies it! lol!

"BE CAREFUL ON THE STAIRS" if you are energy sensitive--or feel at all dizzy
since current research suggests exposure to these energies can effect the
CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM and your motor skills. So "motor skills" are a
biggie to watch during these high cosmic ray alerts (such as your balance,
your driving, operating machinery, etc.) and that also applies to EMOTIONS.

30 hours of °KP Index ZEROS° spells bad news for
"energy-sensitives" this weekend--"Energy FLU" is real!

Good links to check:
[link to www.mrmbb333.com (secure)]
KP INDEX (on MRMBB333's site:)
[link to www.swpc.noaa.gov (secure)]
[link to earthboppin.net]
google "Suspicious Observers dot org"

[link to youtu.be (secure)]
7 Minute duration. FF to 3 Minute mark
for info on "cosmic ray's at zero KP Index levels."

2:59 Min Mark Ben Davidson explains the health
risks of KP ZERO DAYS and how that may effect
your health. (He's NOT kidding.)

From same AUTHOR as the video above.

I have posted other threads concerning in-coming
space weather in the past, including the thread below
back in 2014 on the "Tsunami Energy Wave" anticipated
due to cosmic and gamma rays.
Thread: NASA: "Tsunami-Energy-Waves" caught by Voyager 1 In-bound! Is This First Sign of "The Wave?" Video
The above thread (w/video from Pastor Begley from NASA
in 2014)
started the whole "5D Ascension" theory. I personally do
NOT subscribe to this particular theory and contrary to
their reports that "cosmic/gamma rays are GOOD FOR YOU"
these alternate version of deadly radiation that kill
people (i.e.Fucashima) can be catastrophic to one's health.
However, as science does NOT have a firm grasp on what all
of these "excotic space energies" can do...one CAN keep
an optimistic hope that something positive can come of them
if your mindset is that "The UNIVERSE IS A SAFE PLACE."
You can find the "5d/Ascension" information at this link:
[link to in5d.com (secure)]
Discussion thread on this (I would love to believe this!)
Thread: The Wave: The Voyage We Have Been Waiting For

On a personal note...we have had 8 powerful gamma ray bursts
over the last 10 days with a strong CME wave hitting Earth
10/30 and 10/31 just recently. These energies have AND DO
influence health of many who are "energy sensitives" especially
Rh- folks. I found Ben Davidson's video especially important
to explain why I fell down 1/2 a flight of stairs (I was
dizzy and didn't check the spaceweather links that day) due
to this "energy sensitivity." Luckily, I didn't fracture
anything but I have a WICKED sprained and bruised shoulder
to nurse over the next couple of weeks.

"Sleep is YOUR FRIEND during 24-hour-KP Index AT ZERO."

I feel we should take Davidson's warning seriously and
if you believe you are "energy sensitive" educate yourself
on the effects and resource links on space weather news.


I have to ADD THE MEDICAL DISCLAIMER, however, that if you have
EXISTING CONDITIONS (diagnosed by a physican) and you do
begin to have any NEW extreme symptoms...always check with
your doctor as we don't wish to have serious health issues
"dismissed" because of info about the KP Index/Gamma Ray Bursts. Medical science is only just beginning to get a
"heads-up" on these EXOTIC CAUSES for new symptoms. It is
your responsibility to KNOW YOUR OWN BODY and do what
is appropriate at any given time. I was a CNA but NOT
a doctor! (Just sayin!)

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