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Subject Mandela Effect is real and here is the evidence Part 2
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Original Message Here is my original thread:
Thread: Mandela Effect is real and here is the evidence

The Mandela Effect has stopped for everyone sometime in late 2017 or mid 2018.

The new movie about the Mandela Effect was being made in 2017, it was a movie totally mocking the Mandela Effect. In 2018 this new movie was being produced and no evidence of the old one exists.

Our timeline has stabilized somewhat. No one knows who jumped first. The consensus is it has always happened in spurts throughout history. Since then millions have jumped including people, corporations, and yes even cern did some.

Some of the effects have huge implications for the timelime, Nelson Mandela being alive, JFK never had bulletproof glass in his limo, our bodies have changed slightly, continents moved, etc.

Most of the effects are small changes. Those were both tests and random glitches from parallel universes.

One I have never seen mentioned is the WOW! Signal. I have never told anyone about this. In 2014 and 2015 I studied the WOW! Signal and it's origins extensively. I know it came from the Orion Constellation. In 2017 I saw that literally change to the Sagittarius Constellation. I believe the good guys moved us.


This new movie will be just like the media, hollywood, netflick style of trying to scare us. It will try to make you believe some supernatural force can change the atoms in you. Nonsense. They can't control our minds or us. They know this.

Don't buy into it. Good forces have made necessary changes to stabilize it. Use your thoughts. Thoughts are creation.

And just don't be scared of it. All of our thoughts are shaping the future. Good will prevail.

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