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Subject Consuming porn makes men lifeless, unmotivated, and docile
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Original Message Porn is a product that destroys women's lives directly and destroys men's lives indirectly by breaking their dopaminergic motivation-and -reward system in the brain.

Consuming porn makes men lifeless, unmotivated, and docile.

Porn, plastics, the lack of challenge and physical activity have significantly reduced modern men's testosterone levels compared to the previous generations.

Men's brains are optimized for tasks which are now outsourced to the state: providing food, protection, building things for one's family and tribe. You van even get sperm from sperm banks, making men biologically non-essential.

In short, men's utility has been reduced. Their physiology has been broken. They feel useless and their biological masculinity has been sapped.

No wonder then that we are now witnessing the consequences:

1. Male suicide is through the roof.

2. Male sperm counts and fertility are at an all time low.

3. "Weak men create hard times."

Weaklings are unable to innovate and provide.

They are unable to serve and protect one's country.

They will vote for a totalitarian government to solve problems for them. Mama's boys want someone to wipe their ass for them.

If men are weak, depressed, unmotivated, and unable to reproduce, then the nation is at risk. It is just a matter of time the strong barbarians come and take you over either physically, or economically and culturally. Or, that a totalitarian government will enslave the nation from the inside.

what to do:

1. Stop watching porn
2. Avoid plastics (as pragmatically possible)
3. Lift, get strong and learn to fight
4. Study hard and become intellectually formidable in order to:
5. Innovate and create more, consume less
6. Have a lot of children (however difficult that may be due to the modern laws)

Always remember: what makes you epic also saves civilization.
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