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Subject Sometimes You Need to Break a Few Eggs To Make an Omelette...
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Original Message I don't know how many times this needs to be stated, but the power structures at large control both political sides. For anyone to still deny this, is pure hopium™ at its core. At best, Trump merely slows down any radical progress, but it's still the grand illusion. However, at this rate it truly seems as if society is in a true free fall.

The problem with many decent Americans, is this assumption that Trump is innately "good" for America. Arguably, I think most Americans simply want to get this shit over with. Has anyone taken a good look around as of late? We're still, after 3 years, in an epic shit show.

The bitter irony here, is that when Trump is called out on his failures, he (and his followers) continue to use the "swamp" as being the #1 go-to excuse for not being able to get things done. Then in the same breath, Trump (and his followers) immediately suggest that Trump has had great "success" with draining the swamp. So which is it? I'm afraid that safety net is beginning to tear as people are slowly waking up. The people who are asleep are the ones screaming "shill!" or posting the same old tiring memes, before even reading a counter point. They are the ones who are becoming no different than the intolerant left.

I actually hypothesize that if some lunatic leftist nut like any of the current "democratic" candidates were to ever be elected, that THAT would actually be the true catalyst needed to finally wake everyone up. Why? Because the left are incredibly clumsy and overt with their radical agenda, that they are absolutely destined to fail when Americans can actually see in plain site, what's going on. Trump's style on the other hand, is very covert. Trump, in case you haven't noticed, is death to America's constitution by a thousands cuts. No? By all means, please feel free to elaborate on how red flags are constitutional. Or banning bump stocks. Or wanting to force Apple to hand over the personal data of millions of Americans to the Government. Trump has publicly and repeatedly supported such positions. I don't care how artificially high the stock market is. That doesn't negate these serious issues.

Here's Trump's record thus far:

- Banned bump stocks

- Supported red flag laws

- Supported the idea of forcing apple to hand over personal data of millions of innocent Americans to the Government

- Hasn't done shit for healthcare costs (other than remove an already unconstitutional penalty that no one was paying)

- Hasn't stopped illegals (record number are now here)

- Not a single high profile person has gone to jail; certainly no one that wouldn't have gone to prison if he wasn't president.

- Epstein who?

I'm not suggesting that Trump is necessarily "evil" nor "good". I'm simply suggesting that he simply responds to the highest bidder, while giving the illusion that he's doing just the opposite. From Pepe to Q, most of this cult-like, orchestrated bullshit is false confidence hiding under a red MAGA hat. It's keeping Americans truly falsely confident, sheepish, and lazy. America needs a fire under its ass. False confidence is dangerous. America needs an enemy that it can actually see and confront, head on.
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