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Subject Public School Demographics by State (already majority Hispanic in TX,CA,NM - already majority Minority in Old South, MD,NY,NJ,IL,AZ,OK,NV,WA)
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Original Message Public School Demographics by State (already majority Hispanic in TX, CA, NM - already majority Minority in most of South, MD,NY, NJ, IL, AZ, OK, NV, WA)


[link to www.unz.com (secure)]

"Most states remain majority-white, but the four most populous states do not. Consequently, the nationwide elementary public school population is now majority-minority. Assuming current demographic trends continue, the country will likewise have become majority-minority by the time these students reach middle-aged adulthood."

[link to www.unz.com]

(already TX is now only 27% White, CA is only 21% White, GA 36%, NJ 42%, NY 43%, FL 39%, NM 24%, NV 31%)


A quick review of the data indicates that the Demographic handwriting is on the wall, Whites are on their way out as the predominant ethnic group of the United States.

California /New Mexico are already changed and Texas is right behind them wrt Mexican Americans.

The Old South is becoming majority Black, and will be solidly that way sometime in the next 20 years. (just like the old slave holding islands in the Caribbean became majority Black as the vaster number of workers took over from the plantation owners who imported them as workers).

I always get a chuckle out of the Texans who shout for them to split off and become an "Independent Country" ... since in 20 years that "Independent Texas" would actually be a part of Mexico!! since Mex-Americans will outnumber Whites in that "country of Texas" by 2/1 by then.

You may not like it ... but it is what it is.
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