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Subject Flat Earth is straight BS. Everyone who's had NDE that has seen Earth from Space says it a Globe.
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Original Message This flat Earth non sense is pure Bullshit concocted by shills to make Christians and Conspiracy truth believers look like idiots.

In all the accounts that I've read about people dying and having a near death experience, not one time has any of them who had the luxury of traveling in space ever say they saw the Earth as flat. They always say the same thing, it's a beautiful globe just hanging/floating on nothing. They all say they are mesmerized by God's design of the Earth as well.

Now, how about people who claim to have the ability to astral project or have an out of body experience, never have they ever said they saw the world as flat during their space travels. It's always a globe.

This flat Earth bullcrap is similar to time magazines 911 story about how they proved it wasn't an inside job. If you read the article they brought up arguments that truthers never claimed. They said the truthers said it but they never did, and that's only to create an easy bullcrap distraction on the casuals who would have woken up had they read what the truthers really said about 911.
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