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Subject Finland and Sweden were advanced nations and what caused their downfall? What could we learn of their downfall?
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Original Message I made a case example of Finland and Sweden. We were highly civilized nations, which had high knowledge of techonogy, advanced welfare states. We were admired by foreign nations, they still admire us, even our situation has began to get worse.

What are the reasons of our great nations decay? I would suggest liberal/socialist/atheist mix which has caused this all. Liberals want to replace old men leaders to young women leaders, socialists want to give free money for everyone and take government debt to finance it and atheists undermine family values and moral of population, which result in more crime and less fertility, less babies. Atheism also makes people concentrate on earthly stuff, being wealthy, because this is their only life, and after it only hell awaits them indefinitely. So better to get it all right now. People converting atheists also results that prayers for nations are now missing and God's protecting hand began to leave from such nation. It is like abolishing military forces spiritually, which is an idiot thing to do. When you same time import in religious Muslims who are conservative, and they see the weak state we have here, this is a paradise for them. They can take our young girls as prostitutes and then ask someone to sent a wife for them from their country of origin to have a big family. They see the atheism has caused us to have no community anymore, then they begin to spread their Muslim network of communities and get this demonic power injection to the society. We know this war is about demonic energy in societies, and they know that praying to Allah raises demonic energy, it is why they do it often. Also by pumping out kids they get more and more Allah followers.

This text was written by former green-left socialist atheist who is now Conservative Christian and votes True Finns populist party.

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