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Subject belive it or not, but gangstalkers can actually help us!!!
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Original Message Today while I was getting mobbed at work, I was expecting the usual treatment from people, like weird looks, prejudice vibes and those evil smirks as well as people outing me. But the thing is, it can only go so far, and because they do it in a way that nobody sees ur being targeted, they usually wait for us to get scared, and feed off our fear.

And I seen a lot of targeted individuals panic and start to either film these fuckers or cuss them out saying " oh you pussy ass gangstalker!" which is what they want.

You truly dont know how strong you ate until its the only option left, and I just gave up on feeding them my fear. While being confident, smiling and joking around, they actually smiled back genuinley, tipped us real nice, and that rapey vibe get feom them is gone ( because gangstalking is literally a form of rape torture as well)

its like knowing all this shit is happening, but fuck it, I have a job to do and I honestly love bussing tables. People can see I enjoy my job and it sucks being woke in a room full of sheep, cause a lot of times everyone is moving so fast because they are not thinking enough.

Stupid people dont think, they do. They put plates on trays fast as hell, but they dont balance them, they dont sort them out and thats how they break shit. They getad at me for being slow, but they are impatient. I cam literally clear up a whole section like magic! And it just looks like im slow because Im putting a lot of effort into my thought process, but people just think I might be retarted, until I make a couple of smart moves and people are like " wow this dude is pretty sharp"

This gangstalking has turned into a strength.

I dont flip out on my stalkers or give them nasty looks back. In they end, they too are victims of this corrupt system.

Buy we just have to take the bad with good, and learn to adjust our mental clarity. 2020 is coming up and everyone is gonna get better. I can feel it. Maybe one day the gangstalking program will end, if these people can have a change of heart.

Merry Christmas GLP
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