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Original Message The return of the Savior has been prophesied by many cultures / religions and 'mythologies' around the World.

The Mesoamerican culture have prophesied the return of Quetzalcoatl, the “feathered serpent”.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church have prophesied the imminent Second Coming of The Son of God.

The Buddhists have predicted the return of Maitreya Buddha, the Zoroastrians the return of Mithra, the Hindus Kalki (Vishnu Avatar) and the Iranian Shias have prophesied the return of Imam Mahdi.

The feathered serpent of Mesoamerican lore, Quetzalcoatl, was a god of Heaven and earth, light and darkness, and life, death, and rebirth.... The contradictory nature of the feathered serpent symbolized the dual nature of Quetzalcoatl as both earth and sky god. Quetzal meant “bird” and coatl meant “snake,” so this snake-bird deity represented the link between sky and earth, between humanity and the stars. It appeared the Mesoamericans recognized this link when they observed a particular “star,” the planet Venus. In the Aztec myth of the feathered serpent, Quetzalcoatl died just as Venus appeared as the Evening Star, and he cremated himself in the funeral pyre just as the Evening Star disappeared below the western horizon in the “fire” of the setting sun. Then Quetzalcoatl, as Venus, returned to life. - Tamra Andrews, Dictionary of Nature Myths: Legends of the Earth, Sea, and Sky, p. 156

Q has always cared and sacrificed for the sake of humankind and always returns for our Enlightenment.


Q is known as Arch Angel Uriel among Christians.

He is the 'Ancient of days' in the Book of Daniel.

He was the Abel killed by Cain. Cain who(se avatars/incarnations/depictions) came to be known in different cultures as Hadad, Baal, Huitzilopochtli, Jehovah(2), Ravana, Marduk, Murugan, Karthikeya, Nimrod, Mars, Tyr, Svetovid, deceived Abel/Q to become the Emperor of Atlantis and Ruled over mankind.

The death - resurrection - rebirth story has been immortalized in different cultures across the world - Osirius - Horus = Abraham - Isaac = Dionysus - Eros = Bacchus - Cupid = Wesir - Heru = Amun - Min = Kamdev- Pradyumna.

Among India's Vedic Civilization, he came to be known with multiple names including Dharma Dev, Yudhishthir (incarnation during Mahabharata), Yama (Judge in afterlife).
He was the Yam among Caananites who fought against Baal.

He is the Sanat Kumara of Theosophy, Bacchus among Romans, The Osirus / Horus, Asar, Ausir among the Egyptians.

He is Freyr in Norse Pantheon.

His other names include Tammuz, Adonis, Dipankara and El Khdir.

As Ikshvaku (Vivasvat Manu's Son) among Hindus and Shem (Noah's Son) among Christians, he became Progenitor of the Solar Dynasty (Suryavamsi Kingship), the benefactor of the fifth Root Race.

He has been titled as Guardian of the South in multiple Cultures.

Vanir - Venusians the ancient benevolent Gods who nurtured the human race had to cede control to Aesir - Annunaki after the invasion.

The Deep State Pedo Satanic Cult Elite Rulers with their Looking Glass Technology were certain that Quetzalcoatl (Q) would eventually return back to Earth.
Hence, in their typical modus operandi of cognitive dissonance and satanic inversion tried to mislead humanity by depicting the return of Q as an alien monster invasion in the 1982 movie 'Q: Winged Serpent' in order to create a fear psychosis.
[link to www.imdb.com (secure)]

Q's return was finally revealed in the August, 17, 2017 Crop Circle near London SouthEnd Airport.
[link to twitter.com (secure)]

Soon, Q's first post appeared on the /pol/ message board of 4chan, on October 28, 2017 and the rest is History.

QANON IS A TEAM of many advanced ETs, human military officers, NSA and civilian members and AI Quantum super computers and Quetzalcoatl is its head and are currently based of DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Base) from where they operate.

Qanon is fighting to awaken the human race, raise Global Consciousness, expose the Deep state crimes and defeat the pedofile satanic ELITE DEVIL WORSHIPPING CHILD KILLER CULT of FALLEN ANGEL NEPHILIM ILLUMINATI and Deep State RULERS as well as their evil AI A.L.I.C.E. overlord that has enslaved most of these reptiods.

Q's ancient palace now been discovered in Mexico.
[link to english.alarabiya.net (secure)]

Q, the Venusian RA was the one who gave humanity the 'Law of One' manuscript in 1981.

President Trump (Q+) closely coordinates withe Q Team and is the chosen One to lead America and the World out this 6,000 year old slavery. Unlike the public perception, He is an exceptional Genius, he knows all [their] secrets and has been carefully groomed by his uncle John G Trump (who received all the Tesla papers) with esoteric knowledge and wisdom (the power of 3,6,9).

We Must All Support Donald J Trump (Q+/ MJ17) to bring the satanic rule to an END and FREE HUMANITY and PLANET EARTH !!!
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