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Original Message All of a sudden at around noon yesterday I began noticing that my neck and shoulder area were stiffining up. Area soon began to swell slightly and then turned into deep painful muscle spasms.

Spasms were so bad (sweating and nearly fainting from the pain) that I went to the ER this morning and was given some pain meds oxycottin/ valium and diagnosed as having torticolis or wry neck.

Strange thing is, is that while I was at the ER another women came in with the SAME exact thing. Neither of us had injured this area. And she too, was given meds and sent home.

The spasms are still excruciatingly painful and feel like shooting blazes of PAIN all down my right side.

Even hurts to chew and swallow on right side.

NEVER have had anything like this. And from what I could hear of the other woman's complaints on the other side of the ER curtain, neither had she.

Read here a few days ago of some other folks having neck/throat problems and just thought it was odd.

Didn't make any sudden jerks yesterday or sleep weird as far as I know. Didn't really wake up with a stiff neck. It just came on all of a sudden after I returned home from running some errands.

Luckiily or Unluckily hubby and are both on vacation. Pain meds aren't touching this. And this is a Deep Internal pain.

I am a 44 woman from Indiana. Alot of people on the other post about neck/throat problems were from Michigan.

This pain is debilitating. And seemingly came out of nowhere.

Please, if anybody out there is going through the same thing or has gone through this, Please respond.

I am in agony.
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