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Subject The Evidence - of being TLOTGFOL
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Original Message In 2012, after spending about two months of intense "prayers" (mental requests) for the extraterrestrials to prove their existence to me, around this time of the year, since it was the first Sunday after the Carnival had finished, and Carnival is next weekend in Brazil, I had my first sighting of the "ball of light".

I was cycling to the beach, crying about my fucked up life, when I "heard a voice" (it was actually a mental understanding) for me to look up. WHEN I did, there it was! The "ball of light"! Right above my head, not too far, but not too close, and static! Above my head about 60º above my horizon's view.

The ball had the size of that ball that Itallians play that is on a sand field. "Boccie" I think it is??

About that size! And then it started to zigzag on a very limited size of the sky! IMPOSSIBLE for it to be even an "extraterrestrial aircraft" in my view! So much so that after the emotional impact of having see what I had been praying to happen with such a strong desire being "granted", I thought that maybe it was holographic military technology as there was an military installation close by!

HOW could ANYONE have survived those G forces??

A lady saw it with me and the only thing I could think of asking her was if she had seen it!? Then when she said "Yes", I right away replied that I had been crying from my house's to there when it magically had shown up, CALLING me to look up!

As I am "monitored" I thought it would not be that difficult to set up a "trap" to make me think that "extraterrestrials exist"...

But it was too connected to my consciousness, so I was always ambivalent about it!

Then I told EVERYBODY that was within ears' reach of me! Most people just laughed about it...

Next year, around this same time period after Carnival was finished, ALSO on a SUNDAY, like today, I was checking out the clouds since I had just discovered that I could make them disappear with my thoughts, and was registering all with my camera, when I saw the "ball of light", AGAIN!!

I was on my sister's apartment - really incredible that it was only for a couple of years in our lives - looking out to the skies and checking out the clouds when I see it right in front of me!

It was as if it was WAITING for me to show up on the window and look out at it!!

I did not "hear" anything this time! Just saw it WAITING there!

As soon as I recognized that it was the "ball of light" AGAIN, I looked inside my bedroom and saw that the camera was out and I grabbed it and returned to the window!

When I focused on it and took TWO ( 1 + 1 - it is important to notice this pattern. It will become more prominent with the development of my investigations...) PICTURES it moved oh soooooooo elegantly on the sky to the right and out the corner of the building!!

REAL COOL and tottally DIFFERENT behaviour of the first sighting!

These two incidents were the beggining of my "obssession" with the topic!

If this was actually the real thing, and NOT holographic military technology, coupled with synthetic telepathy, HOW DID THEY KNOW WHERE I LIVED???

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