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Subject Do you want to leave this reality ? Neuralink will soon make this possible
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Original Message Elon musks Neuralink is developing implantable brain–machine interfaces which can download and upload information directory from and to your brain . They claim it is for medical uses but the implications of this technology are endless and about to change the very evolution of humans beings..... we WILL merge with AI.

Being able to upload to the brain also means we will be able to live in different realities , visit distant planets , live out your wildest fantasies , fly and create amazing worlds and it will all seem as real as the reality you live in right now .

All we are is a brain in a vat of liquid and our reality is totally created by our brains , your eyes take in light and your brain turns that signal into a picture.

Of course this also means that eventually we will be able to live forever in our created realities as time can also be manipulated in the brain to seem like 1 minute is 100yrs or just download ourselves to a server and never have a so called "real" body ever again living totally electronically in the matrix...... or are we already doing this

the first test subjects are set for their implants by next year ! this is coming and its coming fast !
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