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Subject So, this fucking coronavirus thing.
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Original Message I've been pushing back on this since day 1.
Why? Cause MSM!!!

But, change of stance here.
Call it whatever you want at this point, even if the virus was a hoax. The impact of it is pretty fucking real.

There is no fucking way of not recognizing that this,is an event of biblical proportion. Thing is, I can't get myself to panic and to be honest, if it is only a virus, it ain't as bad as this is going to get. The world economy will be gone and replaced. Paper money as well (with the virus as an excuse maybe?) For those who believe agenda 2030 is real then this could be the triggering event.

If it is one of the events described in the Bible, then I feel quite safe thanks to my faith.

Don't take this event lightly, if not for your sake but for your loved ones and others close to you. Don't panic either. Be aware and ready!

By all means, copper and liposomal vitamin C are the two most important things right after drinking water. I'm no fucking doctor or scientist, neither am I any sort of know it all, but from most of the literature and videos out there about studies that have been made on vitamin C. Seems 10 grams a day vitamin C will be great to prevent getting sick while 50 and up to 200 grams a day to fight a severe illness (I'd actually see a real doctor at this point, even holistic but don't kill yourself trying to save yourself). Read up, make up your own mind. I know I got sick 2 weeks ago and I made Liposomal vitamin C using Camu camu powder. Hory sheet! tastes like what seems to be buttcrack but the shit works.

Let me leave you with old style GLP mind fuckery.
We all know the meaning of zombies in movies, right?
Zombies are the sheeple, the city slickers, the suburbs... Where society will degenerate first when shit hits the fan. Lawlessness, pillaging, breakins all for food and medicine. Gaangs looting, killing. All this caused by.... A VIRUS! And now you know which one. Then THIS IS A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE (Cue Twilight Zone music)


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