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Subject Within 7 years the “Great Tribulation” will commence
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Original Message This is it folks

National guard completely surrounds an American city and no says a word

This is a test run for what they will implement when the the Mark of the Beast is fully initiated

Cashless society coming soon

Most of y’all pansies will succumb to it cause y’all have no “faith”

After 1 month .....No food....no utilities.......kids and wife starving.......you’ll completely buy into the Mark of the Beast

None of you pussises would’ve lasted one day during the Great Inquisition.........Johnn Wycliffe was burned at the stake cause he wouldn’t accept the Mark.......Jon of Arc executed cause she wouldn’t accept the Mark........Martin Luther tortured cause he wouldn’t accept the Mark.......the Apostle Paul, head chopped off cause he wouldn’t accept the Mark......Peter crucified upside down cause he wouldn’t accept the Mark.....I cloudless go on and on....go read “foxes book martyrs”

99% of y’all don’t have the courage for that

Nite nite
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