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Subject When the Guard starts delivering food, fuck them, they can leave it by the paved road!
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Original Message If I get hungry, I might pick it up and open it after its sat for at least 2 weeks.
I got a creek running across my property I can wash my ass, clothes and dishes in, got a well to draw water. Got 200 chickens, 4 hogs, 2 goats, a couple of ducks. Got 100 lbs of each for planting (wheat [though I don't know if it will grow here] peas, beans, colards, maters, squash, corn), and a whole lot more seeds can eat or plant that I've been saving/growing for years.
Got a small Vinyard of around 20 Bullis, Muscadine and Scuplin vines to make wine/vinegar/sanitizer .
Got a small generator turning off the creek that gives me about 1/4 of my electricity. .Got 2 winters worth of wood stacked. Got a salt/sugar box as well as a smoke house for curing all the meat I harvest. I get around 15 dz eggs/day that I trade for for cash/ammo/other things.

I had a stroke not long ago so i haven't got my spring crops in yet. But today, I got on the tractor for the first time since last summer.
I don't have the Cornholio Virus and don't want to chance it at my age. I've posted very obvious signs saying any one wanting access needs to call me or they will be shot if they make it past the wolf dog. Even posted signs saying "Cornholio infected - QUARANTINED!"
Got a fridge by the road to keep customer eggs in, they put the money in a lock box. They all know I don't have it but if I catch any one of them coughing on the ip cams, it's their last egg buy.
I'm sorry to be such an asshole over this shit, but I don't wanna die. I'm old, disabled, not in the best health, but I believe I have every bit much a right to keep myself alive as anyone does.
Master of fact, I'll help anyone that is willing to follow my silly rules, that, or the can get help else where.

Thank God that I have a few other families that are all doing the same on my dirt road. We're all staying home except for one family who have a couple of hard dick teens. If they can't keep those boys away from town, they are about to be evicted from the survivor group.
One family is wanting to set up an armed sentry next to the paved road so that other than family and special deliveries no one comes in. They already have 2 people taking turns to meet the mail man and delivering themselves.
I don't know if the world has gone bat shit crazy or just my road.
But I ain't taking any chances. I can live without town now.
And there's no place on Erf I'd rather be than sitting on my porch watching Chicken TV!
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